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Thursday, November 18, 2010



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I might be sent to a psycho therapist or at least sent house with a selection workbook, but no way would I have an abortion if I had not run their option, informed how I came to choose, and why I believed abortion was the best option in their situation.

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I'm pretty sure it IS a hoax, some illogical way to make a confused anti-abortion point. The husband, at least, has a website and multiple online accounts where he expounds super-conservative views, including about abortion. (For example a "definition" of abortion as "a mother's right to kill her offspring out of convenience" or something to that effect.) It's compiled in the second half of this article: www.rhrealitycheck.org/blog/2010/11/19/abortionvote-website-antichoice-trolling-fail

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Heh. Highly suspicious not highly suspect.


Thank you for posting about this. I appreciate your insight. I too am highly suspect of their motives (and pregnant state.) I will admit that my perspective is highly tainted by infertility, but as someone who suffered their latest miscarriage in June I cannot fathom casually getting pregnant again, apparently for the 3rd time and continuing on the plan to use the domain name they already had. And waiting until 20 weeks? I cringe (again, my tainted perspective). The cynic in me says this is a case of doing whatever it takes to get their 15 minutes of fame or a 'social experiment'/prank.

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