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Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Katherine Kramer

Our clinic often has picketers, and some tend to be more vocal than others. It may not influence a woman's decision but it makes for a more difficult experience. Some protesters are frightening and unbalanced. I'm always afraid that they may invade the clinic one day, like it happened in Boston.


I will honestly say that I also believe that many, if not all, the abortion picketers have some kind of a mental illness. Some that protest at the clinic I've seen range from something like schizophrenia to just plain psychotic.


"A stormy day, in fact, probably has more of an impact on who actually makes it to the office."

Well so much for the idea that women will go to any lengths to obtain an abortion.


Amazing that someone who cherishes his own First Amendment liberty has so little respect for someone elses.

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