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Monday, July 26, 2010



I stumbled into this blog too and felt a strong urge to leave a message. You medical professionals here are the real heroes, true "life savers."


I'm a recently retired OR RN. I've always been very pro choice, due especially to past experiences, & now have the time to contribute. This past Saturday, I volunteered for the first time as a clinic escort. I swear, @ the age of 65, I was surprised that people still have the ability to disgust me!!! The clinic demonstrators, the "anti's", putting themselves in the faces of the patients & their support people, yelling lies...I just found it so hard to believe this was still happening after 20 years. I suppose if you believe it's wrong, I could tolerate signs & praying quietly nearby, but the attempted interference is just wrong. I can see why the presence of the escorts is so necessary. I'll be back.


What a strong young woman. I cannot help but think that she will be alright no matter what.

Becky Glynn

I "stumbled" onto this blog and wish that I somehow was involved with being a provider. I love you all for the work you do. I admire you and wish you all the best.

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