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Thursday, July 01, 2010



Love to read abortionclinicdays.blogs.com
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m to m

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Medieval Girl

It's about time indeed,no one would try to escape you know when in labor.What's on the mother's head is actually focusing on how to get the child out to be able to get rid of the pain.True, legs would get numb and can't even try to stand up.Good thing it's been signed.Hope the states would take follow.

Katherine Kramer

As an ob/gyn in Pennsylvania, I had to fight the prison people who bring in patients to deliver. They expect them to stay shackled while in active labor. Its so unsafe, medically, not to mention inhuman. There was in one case a big decel while the patient was on the birthing ball, and the chain made it so hard to put her back in the bed, examine her and place a scalp electrode. In another case, there was a delay to an emergency c/s for fetal bradycardia as they had to find the guard with the key (who was in the coffee shop) and we couldn't transfer the patient from the labor bed to the or table. We were thinking of sectioning her in her bed! Why are they treating women this way is beyond belief, especially in labor! You just can't reason with the guards (i.e. the patients legs are so numb from the epidural she can't even get up!) Its about time!

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