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Monday, March 29, 2010



What if an ultrasound shows a 24 weeker but since it's a second trimester ultrasound the fetus may be 26 weeks?
Do you believe that there's a chance the fetus might feel pain during abortion procedure? I'm not a pro-lifer I'm just curious.


25 weeks is too late because the child could be viable outside the womb. There is a distinction that may be not the most appropriate, but still relatable. A fetus at 24 weeks becomes viable wherefore it could live if delivered alive, if a fetus passes away at this stage it is now considered a still birth instead of a late misscarriage (or the medical term I really ruffle at - missed abortion) which is ~14-23 weeks.


Still a couple of them floating around.


Why is 25 weeks too late? 6 months - did they kill all the late term doctors?

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