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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


True Religion Outlet

First one was successful and I have a happy, healthy 2 year old. We only had 1 embryo to transfer first time and same this time. I never had any spotting bleeding the first time, I started spotting 10 days post transfer this time, I called the nurse immediately, today is day 11 still spotting getting redder and heavier today, I called the nurse again so we're testing 3 days easdfarly so I can know before the weekend, but still not quite full flow.

bonnie moss-rhodes

One thing that really needs more attention is the money these groups pull in. There are those who are pulling in (what troy newman calls the "the jack")hundreds of thousands of dollars that has very little accounting for.

All you need is a web page, post office box and to call yourself a ministry. Has any news service ever really done a indepth investigation of these groups?


I'll say this one more time. The media must get off it's clueless, corporate ass and EXPOSE some of the more virulent anti-abortion activists for what they are. Give people like the leaders of Operation "Rescue", and American "Life" League, Eagle Forum, et al, a little taste of stigma and shame. Rip off their masks once and for all. THAT is the obvious solution.


Another way to reduce stigma and shame: go to the source.

Part of the stigma against those who do abortions is they are perceived as weak. They get terrorized while their enemies remain safe and un-terrorized. This makes them seem like weaklings, not to be taken seriously, and causes stigma.

The solution is obvious.


That's a brave woman. Not just for having an abortion, but for making it public with all the crazies out there. And death threats to her son...yep, some true "pro-lifers" there....

Angie Jackson

Thanks :)

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