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Monday, July 20, 2009



A. Stone, you asked: "are you suggesting that because some crazy person killed someone (which was completley wrong of them to do) you have the right to go find a pro-lifer and kill them?"

No, sir, I am not "suggesting" that; I am DIRECTLY ASSERTING it. Not just the "right" but also the DUTY.

Right-to-lifism is murder and ALL right-to-lifers are murderers, including you. There is no such thing as an innocent right-to-lifer. There is no such thing as "murdering" a right-to-lifer, because killing right-to-lifers is justifiable homicide, not murder.


O.counterstrike are you suggesting that because some crazy person killed someone (which was completley wrong of them to do) you have the right to go find a pro-lifer and kill them? Wow way to engage in intelectual debate.


A. Stone, yes there are two people involved in the abortion, but one of them is located inside the other's body. That entitles the other to kill the one any time she wishes to do so.

If you were inside my body, I'd be entitled to kill you. If I were inside your body, you'd be entitled to kill me. Part of the meaning of the word "my" in the phrase "my body" is: I, and no one else, get to decide who else gets to live inside it, and when, AND HOW LONG.

Abortion on demand is JUSTIFIABLE HOMICIDE.

Will there be PAYBACK for the murder of Dr. Tiller? Will there be COUNTERTERROR against right-to-lifers? Check out AICH TEE TEE PEA://operationcounterstrike.blogspot.com


Julie there are two people affected by abortion. Please acknowldge this. The unborn child has it's own blood type it's own DNA it is a seperate human. Women are speaking out everyday who themselves have had abortions saying no more! They want abortions to stop. The same women who recived these Legal abortions want them stopped. There are former abortion providers and clinic directors saying no more. One of the biggest abortion providers who propelled Roe vs. Wade and NARAL is speaking out against abortion and has been. When will you realize people who have experinced abortion are speaking out about it? Just because you don't like what they are saying doesn't mean they aren't speaking up.


A.Stone, you are missing the point. Although your first two sentences doesn't make a bit of sense; I agree all experiences of women who've aborted should be acknowledged. I feel the reason we have so many stupid and even insulting abortion restrictions is because the writers of those laws FAILED TO LISTEN!


Another thing which is missing from the abortion conflict is COUNTERTERROR AGAINST RIGHT-TO-LIFERS.

WHEN WHEN WHEN will someone start answering in kind, killing famous symbols of right-to-lifism like Professor Robert P. George of Princeton??? That's when right-to-lifers will start cooperating on stopping terror. When right-to-lifers FEAR terror. Not until then.

It won't be murder. It will be justifiable homicide.

AICH TEE TEE PEA://operationcounterstrike.blogspot.com


Of course there are women who have abortions and regret them. The way to reduce the number of them is not to criminalize abortion but to make it easier for them to safely avoid pregnancy in the first place, safely continue their pregnancies, safely deliver their wanted children, and raise them. Also safely, but not in the same way.


Just because people don't regret it doesn't make it right either. There are many people in prison for the rest of their lives that don't regret the horrible crimes that put them there. I was purely asking the poster to also acknowledge the women speaking out against abortion who have had them.


A percentage of women do NOT regret their abortion. They may feel sadness, but also relief at knowing they made the right decision for themselves. I suggest you listen to these women also. If everything people regretted was legislated against, we could not build enough prisons.


Just wondering if you noticed all the women holding signs saying I regret my abortion at Pro-life Rallies. Women who have had abortions have been speaking out for a long time on the pro-life side. I suggest you listen to their stories of loss.

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