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Thursday, June 11, 2009



Oh, dear BoxxaRoxx, I am continually amused by those anti-abortion people who think they can read God's mind, and know what God wants. Which oh so conveniently aligns with exactly what anti-abortion people want.


Thanx a whole lot, sweethearts, for deleting our post. I hope Jesus won't delete you.


Killing a baby is MURDER! Only God has the right to say if they live or die. Not YOU. Don't play God, girly. God bless.

Bridget Kriner

Also, thank you for sharing my poem. I love your blog

Bridget Kriner

Hi. I am Bridget Kriner. I wrote this poem. I am a patient advocate at Preterm in Cleveland Ohio. I came to your blog because I heard about it on the RhReality Check website.


tb, how do you know women's groups "deny the impact of abortion"? I know anti-abortion people like to say it, it comes across nicely in a sound bite, but it's not true. The impact to women would be devastating if the right to decide were taken away from us.


post abortive women are stuck in the middle of the debate..you may be disgusted with the man at the clinic...I am just as disgusted at NARAl, NOW and other women's groups who deny the impact of abortion and do not speak out when they are killed or left sterile.


i feel so sorry to hear this, anyway hope u bravely to adapt this situation

Julie Shockley

Thank you for posting this, Lu. It captures so much about what it's like to be a woman, and I understand that anger - sometimes I just want to tell men to shut up and sit down, and let us women talk about it because it's none of their business. Abortion is the greatest thing ever to happen for men, who get to have what they want and pay no price for the consequences.

Yes, I have a lot of anger. And I've had the sleepless nights. And I have learned that there are so many of us out here who know what abortion is really like, all of it - pain, sorrow, regret, fear, isolation... I don't need their pictures. I saw the real thing. As far as I'm concerned, they can take their bloody pictures and...well, I think we all know what they can do with them.

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