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Sunday, May 31, 2009



No operation counterstrike, I don't think we should stoop to their level. Let pro choicers continue to take the moral high ground and show the public what the anti-abortion movement is all about.


What should we DO about right-to-lifers murdering docs? Maybe...COUNTERTERROR?



Call it what you like, Bill. Heaven forbid we seperate you from your favorite rhetoric.


Terminate pregnancies? It's actually terminating life. So you thank people for murder.

Sandra Kortum

I feel sick about Dr. Tiller's death. I am past the age of ever getting pregnate.

I wish I could tell everyone that work to safely terminate pregancies "Thank you for what you do"

I wish I knew what to do with my anger. I am an active member of my church as Dr Tiller was. I do not believe murder of doctors is what God wants.

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