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Thursday, May 28, 2009


Rev. Rebecca Turner

This is the Rev. Rebecca Turner. Thank you for helping to share our message. I do want to clarify, however, that we are an multi-faith organization, not Christian. I am personally Christian, and many of us in the organization are Christian, but the organization itself is multi-faith and has members from every conceivable religious and spiritual tradition. Please join our efforts to bring a compassionate spiritual perspective to women's lives. www.FaithAloud.org and www.YouTube.com/user/FaithAloud


How delightfully odd to see this post when today I was reading Frederick Buechner's reflection on abortion. Buechner, who is a great and pastoral theologian, says,
"All we can do...is sin bravely,...(a)know that neither to have the child nor not to have the child is without the possibility of tragic consequences for everybody yet (b) be brave in knowing also that not even that can put us beyond the forgiving love of God."
Thank all of you for your work and the honesty with which you speak of it here.

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