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Sunday, March 22, 2009



I think that the human essence of life is to be able to make decisions. If a person is forced into being a parent for ANY reason, the outcome is usually not good. This is not right what happened. This poor little girl got raped and got her youth taken away from her and she didn't have a choice. So, if someone came up and raped you, you are telling me that you would keep the baby? This is crazy.


Oh geez, Zelda. A fetus is human, but it's not a person. Plus, abortion does NOT "disembowel" a fetus. You need to get your information from real medical sources, not anti-abortion sites.


everybody is tlkin about d abortion and its killin a human being. but are ppl thinkin about this child herself and how could she carry twins for 9 months. and why should she go threw d pain of child birth at 9 years old... she probably dont even realise wat havin a baby is.


I see Lu is still busy trying to justify her paid assassinations.

A fetus is a person. It's living and human. If it was not, there would be no need to preform an abortion.

Oh, and the difference between contraception or abstinence and abortion is that with the former two, you don't need to reassemble the little person you've just disemboweled to make sure no pieces were left inside the mom.


If I understand correctly, it was Brazil's primary bishop who excommunicated the girl's family, and the Vatican overturned it or had nothing to do with it(the excommunication was overturned, though I'm not sure whether that was by the Vatican or the bishop who did it in the first place). Either way, the Vatican did not excommunicate this girl's family, this Bishop did, which means he, not the Vatican, is to blame if blame is to be had.


Abortion is still stopping a process that would otherwise lead to the life of a human being.

So is contraception. So is abstinence. So what?


The fetus is only a ptential person, like an acorn is only a potential oak tree. The question is not weather "Is abortion OK?" but "Is it OK to take away a woman's reproductive rights?" If the answer to the latter is "NO", well, then women who seek abortin shouldn't be hamstrung by the government.


I think the above is the exception and not the rule. It's truly a crime what happened to this girl (rape by her step father). I don't think it's a good example of why abortion should be ok. Abortion is still stopping a process that would otherwise lead to the life of a human being.

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I am moved by your article. The Church is out of date. The situation in the Christian world should make the Church see reason. This is Alice from Israeli Uncensored News

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