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Monday, January 12, 2009


Sharon M.

Why don't you forced birthers stay off our prochoice sites? Don't you have some children to adapt? Oh wait.. Piss off

Jessica G.

Obviously all varying sides of this never-ending debate feel passionately that their side is the respectful, loving, supportive one, and feel that the other 'side' is imposing, judgemental, and oppressive in some ways.

I don't want to get into that, but just to ask what I always wonder: What is wrong with adoption in this specific instance? The author herself states that she did not offer this option.


I'm surprised the clinic couldn't offer to donate this woman's abortion. I know that in our area, we have no problem refunding the money women pay at the abortion clinic if they decide on a different choice and don't keep their appointment. We can even follow up by providing everything else the woman needs to follow through with her choice. As a matter of fact, we can even follow up with everything she needs when she goes through with what you guys call choice. Who profits from that? What was being said about something not being about money? Hmmmm............. The biggest question is if someone on here (that is not pro-life, or "small-minded" as it was put) will admit that providing a woman with parenting classes, diapers, clothing, rides to appointments, medical care, counseling (before and post-abortion), and friendship would classify as "helping people like this." Let's be fair.


This situation made me tear up. As a woman who thankfully had the choice to not continue a pregnancy at a young age, with the support of my mother beside me at the doctor, and as a mother of a special needs child. I've had to place my daughter on BCP not only to regulate her cycles to make it easier for her to learn female hygiene, but just in case some (insert expletive here) takes advantage of the giving and compliant nature of a young woman with Down syndrome. Thank you to those who have the means to assist.


If you're sending money to pro-choice organizations, don't forget MEDICAL STUDENTS FOR CHOICE.

By giving to them, you maximize the pro-choice bang for your charity buck.


The important thing to remember about CPCs is that because they don't collect a fee or operate under licence, they have ZERO LEGAL OBLIGATION to tell the truth, and to consider the patient's health.

If a doctor shows you a fake ultrasound, or lies to you, in order to advance his/her political/religious agenda, that's malpractice. You can sue, get his/her licence yanked, maybe even send the doc to jail. If a CPC does the same, you can do ... NOTHING. The First Amendment protects their right to say ANYTHING THEY WANT, true, false, or stupid.


And Diatryma, if I recall correctly it varies by state who is a mandated reporter and what the state considers reportable. Someone with national-level knowledge might be a better resource for that question though.


Hahahaha - refer someone to a CPC for personalized support! that's funny, Christina. They don't "take time" to do anything except their pre-scripted persuasion tactics, regardless of the situation a woman is going through. If you think a CPC would somehow support this young woman through a very difficult pregnancy and motherhood, let alone through a choice they *didn't* sanction, you may not have actually spent time in a CPC.

Everyone - please also consider donating to the national or local branches of the National Network of Abortion Funds: www.nnaf.org . They are volunteer-run and so far this year have been quite low on funds, because of the combined difficulties of this particular economic/unemployment/housing situation and also the hardships that winter can bring even in the best of years. It is hitting both potential donors and women in crisis quite badly.


Ted's question does bring up something interesting: are abortion clinics considered mandatory reporters? My impression was yes, but I have no information to base it on.


Christina, because CPC is actually going to do something about it? They won't.

And, abortion clinics are not in it for the money. That is a anti-choice myth.

Ugh. People like you and the few people who commented before you make me cringe with your extremely small minded grasp of what is reality. You have no clue what it is like for these people and to make judgments on what little you have read here IS very small minded. If you (all of you) are so worried about the "killing" what are you doing to help people like this? How many children (special needs) have you adopted? How many pregnant teenagers have you mentored, helped out (and not just by talking them out of having an abortion, I mean really supported them throughout their pregnancy and the parenting/relinquishment that followed?)?? How many woman's hands have you held while they were making what could possibly be the hardest, yet best decision they have ever made in their lives? I am betting none. You just like to come on here and say nasty things about some really good people who are doing the best they can without making moral judgments on people. That, to you, is the extent of your "pro-women" anti-choice bullcrap.


This family has a LOT of problems that aren't going to be fixed by killing this girl's baby. What good will it do to kill the baby then send the girl back to her overstressed mother who is already decompensating?

Why not just refer this family to a CPC that will take the time to actually address their needs?

Other than that there's no money in it for you, that is?


So you're interested in killing the baby at all costs? Isn't there something illegal about covering up sexual abuse, statutory rape, possibly even felony rape of a mentally challenged person?


I would like to know the cost this abortion so that I can give double the cost to a pro-life organization so that children will not be killed in the future. I will pray for you.


I would like to help too. I can't pay for it all, but I can definitely afford to send some money to help this family out. God, I can't even imagine.


Nell, please email me where I could send some money to help. I don't have much but I want to send something.

Susan Hines

I can help too if you tell me where to send the funds

Shelly Kang

Nell, e-mail me and let me know where I can send a check. I can't pay for the whole thing, but I think I can probably help cover the difference. I can do Paypal too if that's easier.

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