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Friday, January 09, 2009



Some medication just IS that potent, saltyC. Heard of thalidomide? Shame and guilt may have their place here too, but the birth defect concern is a valid one.


Reading this story, it struck me that she IS holding a secret for the usual reasons. I can't see how three pills that early on would damage a fetus, I know many people who did serious drugs before realizing they were pregnant and the baby came out fine. Also, if there was something wrong with the child, why would she have to mention the switched pills? There's no way to know if that was the reason for a child being sick any
way. She is hiding for the usual reasons: sex and abortion hold a lot of shame and guilt, and we women are expected to carry that load on ourselves. We should be able to talk to our family in times of crisis and we can't. If the mistake didn't kill her, it won't kill her parents, and her fiancee should be able to deal with the situation, another price you're supposed to pay for the privilege of having sex. Who needs to deal with her father's death plus potential regret, shame over an abortion by yourself? Another example of our "culture of life" failing young women.


Thank you for posting this. It's good to stay mindful of how personal and particular every woman's situation is. To me it's yet another example of how pat generalizations do a disservice to real women, and yet another reminder that in the work I do I need to let every woman tell her story without me mentally filling in the blanks.

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