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Tuesday, January 13, 2009



Yes student, birth control is also under attack. Just recently, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal signed a "conscience" bill into law. It lets anti-contracception pharmacists and ER nurses refuse to do their jobs and dispense BC and EC.I feel this is wrong because the health needs of patients trump certain religious beliefs if said beliefs will cause harm to someone. It seems clear Jindal doesn't care that BC is also used to control diseases like endometriosis. Plus, he cares more about the feelings of rapists than the health of the women and girls they attack.


Safety refers to the pregnant only?


Is birth control subject to the same criticisms abortion endures?


Student, as far as I know, most clinics offer fairly comprehensive women's health care. The abortion clinic in my town is also where a few friends of mine go for their yearly physicals and birth control prescriptions.


Abortion is not the only choice at your clinic?


This is exactly what "choice" means - not just abortion. It's inspiring to see so many people working towards providing true options to women. We deserve the opportunity to be able to have true choices - and not be backed in to any corners.

I too am a clinic director - thank you for putting your thoughts and ideas into the world...they are truly inspiring. I turn to your blog on a long day to remember why I do what I do!


Considering the pain involved, how is birthing a satisfying experience?


Thank you all for the work that you do.

I'm blogging about my abortion experience as a way to work through the emotions: http://abortiondiary.blogspot.com


I think this is a great example of why choice is so important.

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