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Monday, January 12, 2009



Hey I just got political and opinionated on very things such as abortion and i'm curious to how people feel about it and why. My stance that I support it because one should have a right to decide what to do with her body.


I'm interested in what people think, can you also post to my blog and let me know: http://fultondiscuss.blogspot.com/2009/06/abortion-support-it-hate-it-blog-it.html


Chill out,Carl.

Carl M. Berard

Stupid people...

So you call yourself a Christian or even a non Christian and believe abortions are a Blessing. Read The Word! Thou Shall Not Kill!

We all know that an abortion could live given a chance at 9 months old, given UNDER a natural delivery with or without pain killers.

So keep on thinking that the continued practice of abortion is OK. When the laws are passed for senior euthenasia FOR OLD AGE or at any age, may GOD help you abortion activists and may you be the first ones they choose, whoever they are to select when (The Right To Live Laws) are passed. Maybe if you aren't smart enough to figure this out, they'll come to take your life away from you too even if you don't want to be murdered. Maybe you'll be a lucky one who gets a fast execution rather than having your brains sucked out or a lethal injection of a saline solution which with burn your body from the inside out rather from the outside in as abortion is practiced.



Life and Death should never be a "choice". All should be protected. The Rev. doesn't speak for all women.

There are options for these women who find themselves pregnant at the wrong time. http://www.pregnancycenters.org/ It could be a win-win for the mom as well as adoptive parents. Sometimes the right way is the hard way, but in the end...it's still the right way. We women are not the wimps people make us out to be. We are not naive to the fact that abortion clinics have a financial gain - this is business.


I remember some years ago, within three I think, reading a reaction to an experiment to find out if babies-- perhaps preemies, but actual outside-the-mother independent-person babies-- felt pain. The blogger was lamenting the fact that it was done at all, because her son felt pain, and anyone who saw him knew it. My response was to imagine if the study had found that they didn't. That would mean not putting tiny babies under dangerous anaesthetic.

So it's not exactly a done deal that an embryo or fetus feels pain. For that matter, would an anaesthetic shot remove your objection?

BJ Survivor

Please provide a reference to your source, JV. In any event, over 99% of all abortions are performed well before 20 weeks, so your point is moot anyway.


The fetus doesn't feel pain? Really?

"The fetus can feel pain at 20 weeks. This is probably a conservatively late estimate, but it is scientifically solid. Elements of the pain-conveying system (spino-thalamic system) begin to be assembled at 7 weeks; enough development has occurred by 12-14 weeks that some pain perception is likely, and continues to build through the second trimester. By 20 weeks, the spino- thalamic system is fully established and connected. "
-Dr. Paul Ranalli


Lisa: If you are referencing "Silent Scream", you might want to know even the producers of that "film" admit it was faked.


This is the most rediculous "blessing" I have ever heard in my life given the context. BTW, the fetus has been shown on ultrasound to pull away from the abortionists instruments. This has been shown and proven. If they can't feel, why do they pull away? I pray to God you people wake up from this dream you are in.


Curt - the fetus doesn't feel, know or care what happens. It isn't capable of choosing between guilt or innocence. But the woman or girl feels,knows and cares, she is capable of choosing. Her right to choose birth or abortion must be left to her, not politicans.


Protect the women's choice. But the most innocent and helpless girl or boy doesn't get the choice, instead he or she gets sucked out of the womb. This is the ONLY thing that makes it a human being or a fatality.... a choice.


But the women who ended their pregnancies will have a future. The children they already have, or the children they will eventually give birth to will have a future.


Skip that last silly "blessing". The children aborted there don't have a future.

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