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Thursday, December 04, 2008



I know I am feeding the troll. but here goes.

It is tissue. That is a fact. The fetus, the sac etc is made up of tissue.

Some people like to think of it as tissue, som also think of it as fetus, and some think of it as a child, so the only term that is absolutely true, and which makes no value judgement is -- tissue.

Sarah TX

It must be especially heartbreaking for a couple in their 50s. I think one of the vastly overlooked aspects of this "debate" is how much having clear, easy access to medical procedures really affects peoples lives in a positive way.


Gosh, all sorts of crazies in the comments lately.

I just want to let you authors of this blog know how much I appreciate your caring attitude. Thank you!


"Viewing the tissue"???? You've got to be kidding! For all your talk about helping and caring and in a mis-guided sort of way I believe you do care. Then as a forward looking, freethinking, educated "healthcare provider", you still can't bring yourself to call it what it is.

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