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Tuesday, December 30, 2008



If you think Rachel electing to kill the developing child and whine about how someone else should pay for it is being responsible, well to each their own. Where's the dummy boyfriend's responsibility? Will he be assisting Rachel in whining for money? Nothing like a pro-choice man, they're real prizes.


If Rachel would have considered abortion, where exactly can you find some help to fund your abortion?


it seems that another issue here is that rachel felt the only way satisfy the healthy need for sexual intimacy with her partner was by vaginal intercourse. there are plenty of other ways to be sexual that don't result in an unplanned pregnancy, and we would all do well as a society to de-stigmatize them. promoting sexual health and well-being is, i would offer, a way of promoting a culture of life.


It does seem that the right choice for her was to have an abortion. How do you come to think that you are a better judge than Rachel about Rachels choices?

Besides, you are confusing issues here. Rachel should have just contraceptives if she didn't want to get pregnant, on that no one disagrees, my guess is that Rachel thinks this to.

The fact is though, that once she is pregnant, that issue becomes moot.

So now she had some choices, and she chose an abortion. She did something to take responsibility for her situation. That you disagree with her choice does not change the fact that she did take responsibility for her situation.


It's likely that she listened to her doctor when she said that birth control takes some time to work its way out of the body.

Pandora, you are saying quite a lot of hateful things. Do you have anything to add that doesn't sound like an anti-abortion broken record?


No, the right choice would have been to abstain until she could pay for her contraception. It would also be responsible to forego graduate school, as if she hasn't learned by now that birth control pills don't work if you don't take them why waste a graduate degree on such a twit?

Ditto for her dullard boyfriend.


Seems to me Rachel accepted the responsibility? She made the right choice for her.


Actually Bristol Palin accepted more responsibility than many. She chose to give birth. I suspect Rachel and her boyfriend will next be looking for gift certificates to pay for her to terminate her pregnancy.

BJ Survivor

Because all your panty-sniffing moralizing has done such a great job of "teaching responsibility." Just ask Bristol Palin!


What if Rachel and her boyfriend practiced abstinence for a month? That would have been responsible, the more I think about iit.

Last I heard, it won't kill anyone.

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