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Friday, August 22, 2008



Hello there,

My name is Jack Steele. I am the informant who helped police solve the James Kopp case.

I provided the tip that led to the arrest and conviction of James Kopp, who shot three Canadian doctors before shooting and killing an American doctor. Kopp is an anti-abortion fanatic who targeted the doctors because they were performing abortions.

A Canadian police task force put up a reward of $547,000 for information leading to Kopp’s arrest and conviction. I provided that information, which the FBI has acknowledged. (The FBI paid me their part of the reward already.) But today the Canadian police task force refuses to pay me the promised reward money. The FBI has written two letters protesting this injustice.

I’ve created a website to make people aware of what’s happened: http://canadianpolicereward.org/

I hope you’ll publicize my website. The actions of the Canadian police are bound to have a chilling effect on other tipsters in criminal cases, and sends a horrible message to other people who would do harm to abortion providers in Canada and the US.

--Jack Steele


I found this to be very moving. Dr. Mongentaler established a clinic in my city and it is one of the few (perhaps only) places in the area that will perform abortions for women.
When are people going to realize that protecting a woman's right to decide what happens with her body and her life is one of the greatest challenges we face, and one of the most scary battles to lose?
I wish I could personally thank Dr. Morgentaler and Dr. Romalis for the work that they do in Canada.



You are seriously zoned out, off the deep end, tripping, and out of teach with reality. Oh and yeah, you're also wrong.


do you actually believe that if Dr Romalis hadnt performed abortions on those patients that more lives would have been saved than lost? How do you know that if the East Indian patient had gone through with her pregnancy that her parents wouldn't have kicked her out, or that her boyfriend wouldnt have been murdered? Secondly, if safe abortion was not available, how do you know that those girls wouldnt have been so desperate as to attempt an illegal or a self performed abortion, where they may have become severly ill or even died?
You dont, its possible Dr Romalis' work has in fact saved more lives and freed women from a miserable,trapped lifestyle that they arent prepared for then "killed".


Bravo Dr. Romalis. We need more like him.


Oh, wow. What amazing stories... Thank goodness for people like him!

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