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Friday, August 22, 2008



I just wanted to let you guys know that I was inspired when I found this blog on the web. There are such few positive or real messages on the web about abortion. It's a procedure that is all but completely cloaked in mystery and fear and it's incredibly scary for someone who doesn't really have anywhere to turn for real honest information. I decided to start my own blog about my own process (i'm getting an abortion on Monday) and am just talking about all the fears and dealing with the wacky pregnancy symptoms until then. I was surprised to get so many great messages from women who have also gone through it or are going through it right now. It's a really amazing thing and sucks that it's so secretive in "real" life. I wish women could just talk about it...

You can check it out at http://myabortionblog.tumblr.com


She writes very authentically which makes me believe its a real person experiencing this. And I completely understand why someone would turn off comments.

The counselor advising away from the chemical abortion does make me wonder. Although it could be a doctor or clinic's inclination to be very risk-adverse even if the surgical option is more expensive for the patients.


I wasn't suspicious until she mentioned it was going to be two more weeks before the abortion. Sure, it is possible that it's work and money constraints...but it's also possible there's going to be some kind of "change of heart."


I do wonder if it is authentic.

Or if it will turn out to be a big anti-abortion/anti-choice/something-horrible-happened-on-the-way-to-the-clinic story...

I understand why the author--if genuine--would disable comments. I also understand why a disingenuous author would, too, though.


Every time I come across another website that allows women to express their personal experience with abortion (good, bad, indifferent) it makes me so happy to know that we are one step closer to erasing the stigma that surrounds abortion in this Country. The idea of "What to expect when you're aborting" is one whose time has come! God Bless!


My heart aches after reading these posts. I wonder how people can commit atrocities and make themselves believe that it was for a good reason. I guess you need conforting with sites like this one.


It's been great having more posts from you guys!


The "Anti-abortion movie list" should include PREDATOR 2, in which the monster detects a woman's pregnancy and spares her life.


I stumbled upon this blog through another post and I am glad to have found it. I also had an abortion when I was 18 and I don't regret my decision. I wouldn't have have gone to college and become the young professional I am today; and I wouldn't have met my husband that I am excited to start a family with. It is sad that I live in South Carolina where they want to ban abortion but they offer no solutions other than abstinence and God. I live in a place where talk of birth control/planned parenting is seen as promoting promiscuity and amoral behavior instead of educating and empowering their citizens with accurate information. The number one person living in poverty is a single mother - and SC has one of the highest rates of poverty and single family homes. How could forcing teenagers and single mothers to have a baby be a good thing? How is it beneficial for a child to grow up in poverty where they will have to overcome a myriad of challenges: a harder time in school, mother/father always working 50+ hrs., higher chance of drug/alcohol abuse and a higher chance of ending up in jail, etc. Lucille calls women who have abortions "weak", but I think it takes a strong women to know that a child deserves a loving/or financially stable home. Perhaps these "weak" women are trying to get out of their situations so they can become strong enough to provide for their unborn child or children they already have. I also for feel sorry for Lucille that she is not in touch with her own sexuality and only has sex when she wants to procreate. I am sure your husband feels the same way.


There are many things to be said for stories like this, not the least of which is that it seems to represent the actuality of the situation on a sincere level. However, a blog like this simply reminds me of the fact we do not have a useful and reliable service in America that gives pregnancy health info in a way that delimits women's understanding of the medical issues. The bulliten board style comparison is just another symptom of inadequacy on the part of clinics, taking shortcuts to counsel what is in no way a simple or comfortable circumstance to have to choose your way through.

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