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Wednesday, August 13, 2008



i (a 26 yr. old adopted male) attended the march for women's lives in 2004 in d.c.... it was one of the most amazing events i have attended. we (the marchers) were issued tee shirts denoting our attendance... a few months later i was wearing the shirt sitting outside of a coffee shop in stl... a women in her 60's approached me and asked me what my shirt meant... i carefully explained it to her and braced for vehement reaction... instead she reached down, hugged me, thanked me for supporting her, her daughter, and her granddaughters...

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I love this post! Thanks for sharing.


The most disturbing thing you've ever heard? Obviously you haven't had the misfortune of listening to the vitriol the anti-abortion extremist spew at women who have terminated their pregnancies. How fortunate for you.


I cannot believe 'charmedgirl' had the nerve to say she was a good mother to her child she aborted. That is the most disturbing thing I've ever heard of. After you chose to subject your child to horrible pain while ripping his body away from his head you have the audacity to say you "had the sense you were a good mother to that baby". You will have to answer to God one day and explain why you chose to do that to your own flesh and blood, the most precious thing in the world. If you cannot care for the child there's somebody who will.


That story about the depression was an eye-opener to me. It might explain the prevalent myth that if abortion is decriminalised (it's on the crimes act where I live) women will "use abortion instead of contraception." Because, of course, having a surgical procedure every couple of months is so much easier than taking a pill, right? Now I realise they might get this idea from their grandparents who didn't have the same kind of access to contraception that we have now.


i had an abortion during my first marriage, and i always had the sense that i was a good mother to that baby. i never kept it a secret.

after many years of infertility, ivf, and triplets, i had a full-term stillbirth last september. NOW i understand the importance of SPEAKING UP. i try to talk about it whenever possible. it's only in talking about it that people will find some comfort, for themselves in their own experience, or simply to open people's minds to the prevalence of baby death.

the deeper issue, i think, is that girls need to be educated about what it really means to open their reproductive selves up to through sex. the implications/repercussions are subtle and endless. there is a saying that goes, "it is the nature of evil to be secret."

sex education, abortion, stillbirth, traumatic birth experiences, PPD...rape, incest, child abuse...it is the nature of evil to be secret.


Thanks for posting this. I have such a hard time with knowing when it is ok to tell people I work in an abortion clinic. I don't want to hide what I do, because I am proud of it, but at the same time there is always the concern that I'm going to make things awkward or cause a heated discussion when really, I don't want to spend every day fighting about abortion.

It can be so wonderful when someone you expected to oppose abortion is actually supportive and proud of you. I'm glad I'm not alone in these concerns, or in these experiences. Thanks again for sharing this.

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