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Monday, August 11, 2008



I'm so grateful to have read this. I'm contemplating making this decision for myself at the moment. I've been struggling with myself and my morals, but I can't seem to justify carrying to term. There are a lot of physical and mental health problems that run in my family that are nearly guaranteed to be passed on. I can't in good conscience bring a child into this world to suffer, either physically or mentally. As or myself, I don't think I have it in me to mentally or emotionally cope with a pregnancy. Or to raise a child. I've been struggling with my own issues, an eating disorder for example. I'm not fit to be a parent.

I don't know why I'm even typing all of this. Maybe because no one besides my boyfriend will ever know about this. But thank you. Thank you for writing such a thoughtful piece

Esther Labbe

Thank you so much. Reading your article is like tapping into something I have always known. I cannot thank you enough for sending me your wiadom,strength and warmth. Right now, it means the world to me. Blessed be


Wouldn't it be a wonderful world if everyone could understand this and not criticize us for embracing our inner Goddesses? Thank you for your wonderful post. It is an inspiration! Blessed Be Kind One.


Thank you for sharing your experience with so many. Your words spoke to me as I presently struggle to overcome the pain and guilt of a recent abortion. The philosophy of my spirit child returning to another womb was very comforting.
Blessed Be


..... As a young woman about to go through this process I have been struggling with this immensely; I watched a friend go through it just after I found out and she nearly lost her mind... she did not handle it well. It scared me to my core watching her go through the pain and now I am left to trying to handle this my own way... I did a meditation and a ritual that involved an egg that I ended up putting into a soft white bag tied shut with an old necklace that meant a lot to me...I left it in a circular tree not far from where I live.
I have no idea why I am sharing this; something that not even my closest friends will ever know... I think it is because you shared your experience and it gave me tears of strength... I know that women have experienced this miracle since the dawn of time and you will never understand it until it happens to you....
I can feel that life force you spoke of....and I wish it could stay, I wish I could get to know it. But there are cases where it would be crueller to raise the child in unfit circumstances than it would be to postpone that life spark taking form in the world. So instead I thanked the universe for its gift... and the lesson; but I know it is not my time yet and would the Universe please accept the energy back for a time? to be given to a mother who truly wants to be??........ thank you for providing your insight and courage; the balance of life and death must be just as it should be otherwise who knows what would be happening? ....


"God Complex" much?


I'm so grateful you wrote this post, it put into succinct language how I feel about the spiritual/thealogical status of a child from conception onward. I have always agreed with the Shinto concept that the spirit flows into a child progressively for some time, even after birth. As I see it, it is all a continuum. Thank you.


wonderful post.



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