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Thursday, July 31, 2008



Cherie (wasn't there a dirty magazine by that name in the '70s?), Dr. Nathanson openly supports murderous attacks against abortion docs.

Google up his contribution to "Killing Abortionists: A Symposium" in FIRST THINGS.


I am praying for her often during the 40 days for life campaign. May she, like Bernard Nathanson, some day see the light. Read his book, it is very enlightening. Watch his video, it shows the truth.


I just heard Dr. Wicklund on NPR and her stories are amazing. I can't wait to read this book.

Thank you for sharing and for the work you do.


This is one of my favourite books, and one I think everyone should read, no matter what your position on abortion. What Dr. Wicklund went through to help women is amazing. When you think about all the other abortion doctors across North America in similar circumstances, it boggles the mind.


What a wonderful woman to risk her life in order to help others. God bless her and I will most certainly be buying this book!


How proud must she be having dedicated her life to ended the lives of others!

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