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Tuesday, July 01, 2008



Are you sure this is helping people?

"I had a disappointing birth experience. I felt out of control. I am pregnant again."

"This time you can have control. . .have an abortion."

It sounds like the blind leading the blind.


Thank you very much for your very inspiring blog. I am as pro-choice as it gets, but still it is nice to get the perspective for someone so caring and knowing as you.

The story above is both inspiring, and a little challenging. I know that an abortion, in many cases, can be a positive experience, and it often makes the woman/couple happy.

This is however not the image shown to us (not even here in Denmark). So comparing an abortion to a birth, in the way above, really makes you think.

But in the end, its all about the people. If this helps them along and helps them with their lives, then its all good!


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