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Wednesday, June 18, 2008



I would have loved to give birth to my daughter at home. I feel it is my right as a woman and mother to decide how and where I give birth at. I also feel like my rights have been stolen away. Birth is natural not a life threatning condition which I know will be argued because what if....well I am woman, mother and I know what is right for me and my baby


Thank you for articulating some of my thoughts on this resolution. It's a woman's right and responsibility to choose not only when to have children, but how. If a woman can have an elective c-section but not an elective home birth... isn't that criminalizing the act of giving birth? Could I be arrested because I gave birth? I researched the risks of various birth options and chose the set of risks I was comfortable with. I also resent the implication that these lobbies and organizations care more about the safety of our children than we do.

I love my children (and why do I feel I must point that out?) but don't feel their in utero rights trumped my own. They were a part of me.

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