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Monday, January 07, 2008



Why, why ...

... despite an anti-spam thing so stringent it wouldn't allow me to paste a sentence from another web site, are spammers still getting in??


Stunning post. It's absolutely shattering that women have to go through such abuse in this day & age. Thank goodness Rayanna found the strength to speak out.


That was a touching story. I would like to commend Rayanna for her bravery and sensibility. She helped many people when she faced up to her past. I don't believe that she will go to hell for having an abortion. If she can't emotionally and finacially support four children, having another would be detrimental to all of the children's well-being, not just the fourth child. Surely having the abortion is kinder to the child then to drag it through a life that would be full of hardship.

Your site is a wonderful place to find a variety of opinions and pathways for women that need guidance.

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