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Monday, November 05, 2007



dean of geeks, I certainly cannot speak for all women, but *I* could NEVER give my family to a stranger and an uncertain future, never to know what's become of them. To me, that would be like having my child abducted. If the world was a safe and wonderful place where children were never abused, beated, raped, and tortured, your way might seem more sensible. But I live in a place called "Reality." I am not a mindless baby-making machine. I am a person, and as a person I have far too much conscience to mindlessly bring forth new life that I cannot properly love, cherish, and care for.


Thank you for your blog, and this post. I feel lost at times with the decison we made. We have two children, but my body does not handle pregnancy well and I almost died with one of them. We became pregnant (while on BC) waiting for the vacectomy date, and ultimately made the decision to terminate. I feel lost as I felt I needed to make the decision to remain in my present childrens lives, but ultimately forsaking the life of another child. It was the most difficult decision I've ever made.

I wish the anti-abortion people could at least recognize that most women do NOT make this choice easily. It weighs on our hearts and minds. I cried a river of tears and my heart still aches today for what we lost, but do not regret my choice.

I will never forget her, and she will remain a part of my forever.



I am saddened that you think having a child and aborting a child are equally honorable and moral choices. What kind of choice, then, is having a child and giving it up for adoption?

I just don't understand why people think that if they can't love and keep their baby, then no one else can either.

dean of geeks

I do not mean to spam you, so delete this if you do not appreciate it. I have started an abortion discussion at the ISU discussion blog ISUer.com. Just inviting you to present your own facts if you would like.




I learned about this blog site through reading "Abortion Under Attack" (highly recommended) and I'm so glad it exists. This story is such a stong example of all the things that can be going wrong in any woman's life, regardless of race, religion, age or socioeconomic standing. Anti-choice supporters are quick to point the finger and bombard women with feelings of shame and guilt, but can any of us really say what we would do in that situation without ACTUALLY being put in those hard-to-walk-in shoes? I would've never guessed that, two years after having my daughter (my partner and I took very careful consideration in making that choice), I would be working in clinics helping women who have made an equally honourable and moral choice. Thanks for your stories and keep them coming!!


Yes. THANK YOU for this story. Perfect example of how the hard decision of abortion can actually be healing. And beautifully written, too.

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