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Tuesday, September 18, 2007



Bursting your bubble here, sg and tater. Abortion is not "legal homicide". You can't change definitions of things just to make you feel better.


Reading this post I recalled another site that I visited some dais ago with a poll about abortion, it's worth checking. www.pollvox.com

red s tater

Indeed, sad.
Not sure how committing legal homicide will help with anger management... but hey, at least she got a possible job offer helping others end the life of their children.
Indeed sad.


In the life of anyone there are those who support you and those who don't. For most of us it is our friends and family. I feel so sorry for this girl who felt so abandoned and so angry that people had not helped her. If they had loved and valued her, she could have had love to pass on. Usually when someone is pregnant all their friends and family rally around her and expect her baby with great joy. When these people fail her and her baby, the only thing standing between her baby and the end of its life is her limited personal resource and the kindness of a stranger. When finally someone took the time to listen to her feelings it was the one advocating that she end her own child's life. It just breaks my heart.


So sad.

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