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Friday, May 04, 2007




Thought so.



I don't think you are really expressing "Just a thought," any more than you came here to honestly ask a question -- the loaded way you phrased your "thought" tells all. If you can really prove you're not a troll, maybe your "thought" will get answered.

Colleen Tronson


Interesting blog, I am prolife and would like to continue listening to your your comments about work in the abortion clinics. I think your spin on "compassion" is interesting. I wonder if a woman "felt" that using drugs or abusing her children (that were born) would be the best chice for her would you also support her decision? Just a thought


Oh man. Yet another variation on the tired arguments that "abortion is the easy way out", "don't punish the babies", and last but not least, "lots of people can't have kids."

Let me instruct you, dear Phoebe:
1) The woman is just making the choice which she feels is best for her. Simply because it's not the choice you want her to make doesn't make her "selfish", or "taking the easy way out." Abortion is a difficult decision for many women, some feel sadness after, even though they recognize it was the right decision.

2) Abortion isn't "punishment". But I have noticed some pro lifers are all about punishing people for having "recreational" sex. One way to punish women for that is to take away the right to decide not to have a baby.

3) Sorry, but women are not obliged to go to term just so a childless couple can adopt. Plus, there are hundreds of older kids waiting for loving parents. But no one is lining up for them because they aren't perfectly formed infants. Also, the decision to give up for adoption is just as hard as deciding to abort.


Has anyone ever considered that babies shouldn't be the ones to pay for somebody else's lack of sexual self-control? Rape, promiscuity, or just a plain "oops!". Good adoptive parents are ALWAYS possible to find. I know SO many married couples who can't have kids. The solution is SO captain obvious. So let's stop giving people the easy button to cover up sexual mistakes, and start taking responsibility. We are not called to be selfish, that is the bottom line. Nobody ever promised life would be heaven. Abort selfishness!

The Pedgehog

Hi, first time reading this blog - just wanted to say thanks for doing what you do and for writing about it, so people know what really happens in the clinics. Someone very close to me is a counsellor at an abortion clinic and every day I am proud of her. Props to everyone making a difference in the lives of women.


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Anne Hill

Hey there,

I just passed on a Thinking Blogger Award to you all. Thanks for the great work on your site.

You can see my post here:

And the origin of the thinking blogger award here:



Hey Bon/Lou:

Can we lose this White Man's Prophecy post? It's just bandwidth wasting spam.

Heather Nijoli

Thanks again for providing a consistently well written and informative blog. From everyone here at the Equal Access Fund, we thank you.

Abortion providers/seekers in the Appalachian region face even more strife than in the rest of the nation due to small thinkers, bible thumpers and anti-choice fake clinics next to each actual provider.

Thanks for listening and for donating.

_heather at equal access fund of appalchia




Equal Access Fund continues to seek "seed money" donations from individual donors in order to grow our fund to help more women reach justice by funding their right to choose.

As the only abortion fund in Tennessee, we are receiving FAR more requests for assistance than we can meet.

Your contributions are critical to this work. Your donation will be used to provide direct, life-changing assistance to women who want or need an abortion but don't have the financial resources to pay for it.


Use the address [email protected] to send a PAYPAL donation.

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Thank you again for your strength.


Thank you again for your strength.


"a "good" abortion - for the mother. How good was it for the OTHER human involved?"

The other human involved didn't have a developed nervous system and, thus, was unable to experience anything at all. Please stop anthropomorphizing insensate, barely differentiated tissue and demeaning the women whose bodies they inhabit.


You forgot to tell us about the part where you killed their babies.


Judith, how do you know adoption wasn't presented? The woman may have rejected it anyways because it still meant having a baby out of wedlock and bringing shame to her village. Deciding to give up for adoption is not an easy choice either. She would have had to live with the knowledge strangers are raising her child. And she would worry these strangers might be abusing that child.

Judith M.

Why was adoption not presented as an option? She could have continued her studies and not returned to her village in disgrace. A reputable agency would have helped her with her medical expenses and she would not have had to live with the knowledge she destroyed her own child. Surely you must be aware that people who have strong moral feelings against abortion are the most likely to have negative side effects from having one. I hope she sues you and your organization for malpractice.

little amazon

"the ability to work with women in crisis, to allow them to voice their fears, grief, and weaknesses is a true gift."

Sometimes, though, it feels like a curse.

Especially because of all the crap we have to tolerate from society.

Thank you though, for this article. Sometimes you get so caught up in the politics of it all, that you need to bring the focus back on what's important. The patient. I had a patient the other day that gave me a hug and it just made my day. It's little things like that sometimes that make all the difference.

Gaby LeBlanc

a "good" abortion - for the mother. How good was it for the OTHER human involved?

Ericka Lutz

Dear Lou and Bon,
I'm a regular reader of your blog, though I don't think I've ever commented.

I want to THANK you for your hard, compassionate work. Truly, not for the wimps.

I write a monthly column at the online magazine Literary Mama. I've been so distressed about the recent Supreme Court ruling that I wrote this month's column about abortion -- specificallhy, my OWN abortion -- because I'm acutely aware that the personal IS political, and that the discourse is shifting to the point that even pro-choice activists are forced to say that abortion is a terrible (though necessary) thing. It's not. I had, despite the discomfort, a good abortion.

I'm not usually a huge self-promoter, and if I had an email for you I would send this privately, but I'd like to share my story and column with you. It's here: www.literarymama.com/columns/reddiaperdharma/

Thank you again for all you do.

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