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Thursday, May 31, 2007



Evvie: That was a nasty thing which happened to her at that particular PP, but this is not emblemic of all PPs. I do object to your final line calling abortion "the easy path", because that claim is no more than a slogan. It's just as hard as adoption.


Wow - what a thoughtful piece to make a thoughtless point. Abortion is always a moral choice? How high does one have to be to think the life you snuff out is some kind of stab for freedom? What is wrong with you people?

I'm not one of those "anti-choice extremist" you're so afraid of. I'm a pro-choice Republican who knows the bloody genie is out of the bottle, so the battle is for hearts and minds. I'm not worried about the ultra-rare situations of abortion for medical reasons, it is the overwhelming number of cases of elective abortions that are performed for reasons sometimes as transient as 'poor timing.' You can keep massaging your ego over your benign intentions, but you know that abortion as a remedy for inconvenience is too common.

I know you will hate to hear this, but let me tell you about a small victory of mine. Years ago my roommate's girlfriend came to me with shocking news. She was pregnant. I went through her choices with her: have the child, abort the child, give the child up for adoption. At 22 years old she wasn't ready to be a mother, and considering that she was a stripper who smoked, did drugs and drank to excess, it was a miracle that this hadn't happened before. Her boyfriend and her family urged her to get an abortion. Her friends told it was easy. Of all the voices that clammored for her attention, I was the only one who counseled adoption - the hardest choice. She told me she would try.

She ended up at the Planned Parenthood two times. She couldn't stand not partying with her friends, and they made no effort to make her choice any easier. The stories she told me of that place, how they locked her in a room with two nurses who tried disparately to bully her into an abortion had us both crying. The rebelliousness that had so often brought her trouble now worked to sustain her. Under the brooding eyes of her family and friends we researched adoption agencies, interviewed parents and ultimately picked one. The day she had the baby was traumatic, but the red headed little girl passed from her hands to the waiting hands of a young couple already in love with her.

When I talk to Jennifer today we rarely bring up her little girl. On May 3 of every year she calls me and we talk about where she might be now. We both know she is loved, and she is living a life far better than what Jenn could give her, and certainly better than the incinerator so many insisted on. We also know that those nine months were the hardest thing Jenn had ever done, and for all the mistakes she had made in her life, there is one thing she did that proved to her that she was strong enough to rise above her weaknesses. Now she is married, the mother of an eleven month old girl, and no longer a part of the world she thought she was destined for - a life of drugs and crime. She was better than that. She knows that now.

Who is the hero here? The doctor who soothes his conscience with passing thoughts of dark chivalry, or the girl who eschews the easy path for the one that demanded more of her? It's not even close. Abortion should be legal and rare. Not celebrated.

Mark Vane

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This "abortion is the easy way out" myth must be a truly comforting alternative to critical thinking. Because some pro lifers keep using it over and over to point fingers and blame, blame, blame the woman.


Moral choice? are you kidding?

Given the stress level of the patient, of course you took some of the weight off. But our job is not always to remove everyones problems/issues/burdens for them. Suffering also has a purpose to help us mature spiritually, emotionally, psychologically. People don't mature because things get easier. People mature in the midst of a trial, when the most important realizations concerning life and death occur. It's a dangerous thing to end a life and await the consequences.


how do i email you my own personal story? it's short, but needs to be heard.

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