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Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Judith M.

"Unborn "victims" of abortion have no right to live."

Hmmm...that sounds a lot like the kind of thinking the Virginia shooter was doing--he just picked different victims that he felt had no right to live.

Women who don't value their own offspring sicken me. There is nothing educated or intelligent about destroying your own flesh and blood. I'm sure you think your career and your things are all very important, but at the end of your life, I assure you, they will mean absolutely nothing.

Therese Z

There have been more abortion clinic bombings on the TV show "Law & Order" than there have been in real life.

Blaming the nutjobs who hijack a movement to use to satisfy their urge for violence? Using your logic, that mother who killed a competing cheerleader so her daughter could win a place on the squad is responsible for Columbine. Or for me getting my car broken into.

Hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of pro-lifers donate money and clothes, cell phones and job training. They work scads of hours at crisis pregnancy centers. They counsel aborting parents and pray peacefully and lawfully outside clinics, and care for the mothers and the unborn babies together. Step out and meet a few, you'll be humbled, maybe.


Your post is quite profound.

I find the anti-abortion movement to be absolutely intolerant. When a young girl wants to end the life within her, she should be able to choose whatever she wants.

One of my problem with the pro-choic community is this inconsistency: Why is there a restriction because of birth? Why this discrimination? It seems a mother should have the ability to take the life that begins in her body at any time she chooses. Some of my grandmother's greatest suffering has come from her sons. Why should she not be free to exercise her reproductive rights and a young lady who has not gone through the pain of labor is?

Isn't this a form of discrimination? It seems this should stop immediately. Why this anti birthed-women, anti mother's-rights, and from the pro-choice community too!? This seems insufferable.

Stand up mothers, grandmothers! Exercise your reproductive rights which do not end with childbirth. They are perennial. You have this choice from womb to tomb! Excerise it at any moment. Down with the oppression!

Be careful of the anti-abortion movemnt. Because of this right, they hate you. They want to kill you because of their jealousy. They want the same rights, which the poor women of that movement have, but they don't want you to excerise them. They want to exercise their reproductive rights on people who are not their natural offspring, not their children. Don't let them suppress you. Exercise your reproductive right whenever that little child gets you angry or hurts you. How dare he/she/co! You gave birth to he or she, you can take it away. You are the goddess of your child's life.

I have to go. My mother's coming...

James Steele

Has it ever occurred to you that the legalized killing of innocent human beings has societal consequences?

By advocating the violent destruction of a human life (a fetus is alive and it can only be human) as a means of solving a person's "problems," you are encouraging a "culture of death" where human life has value only according to one's individual conscience.

The killings at WV are another example of this philosophy. Cho attributed no value to the lives he ended, and he also believed that he could solve his problems by killing.

H West

Yes, these students experienced and were fallen by a terrorist. They must have felt just like the baby trapped in the woman's womb when the knife is coming at them, or the hand is there to rip the baby out; they have no place to go. It is like Cho's sister said, Hopeless, Helpless, and Lost. That is what happens to the Baby in the Mother's womb. The baby dies
at the hands of a terrorist and his condoning clients that are suppose to be Mothers and Fathers.
So lets get real, you heartless women! To equate terrorists to the ones shooting doctors is a sign of total ignorance and quilt. You really cannot use the word "Choice" when you cannot rectify the "act". Abortion can not be rectifyied by a Mother, so she has no "business or right" to say that I choose to kill by baby. It is not a "Choice" by the woman, but a "decision" to eradicate and obliterate her own flesh and blood. Any woman that promotes abortions has no real charity; charity means Love.
There has been at least 45 million babies killed in America by the Pro-abortion people. Only 4 or 5 doctors killed by a few who wanted to help the helpless,granted in the wrong way.
No woman has a "Right" to kill her baby. Each baby is unique and cannot be duplicated. Ever baby is a miracle no matter ,if healthy or not, it is a living human-being and is very precious.
It is a travesty that America as a nation sanctioned abortion.

Josh Dieterich

This is one of the most ludicrious statements I've ever read.

It is sheer tragedy that one would reject the value of human life so much as to kill the most innocent in the name of success and convienence and then blame another for responsibility in a murder.

When we as a nation embraced a world-view that said one life is more valuable than another, we suddenly pave the way to terminate those lives in "clinics", in courtrooms, on the battlefield, and in the classroom halls. Abortion providers need to accept the blame they have, and stop pointing it at others


And, a bomb has been left at a women's health clinic, once again. (See:http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/headline/metro/4752415.html). Presumably left by pro-lifers who love life so much that they want to destroy it. Though I suppose the placement could be coincidental.

Dr. Luther from LUTHERAMA

How sad that you view the gift of life so lowly that you desire to punish an innocent for the sins of another.

Linda Flores

Hey doc ...

if someone forces me to accept a "gift", it's no longer, you know ... a gift.


Like all gifts -- everything depends on the individual situation.

Dr Luther from Lutherama

I must ask since as you say "life is a gift," why do you wish to destroy it?


Whoops, my bad, L for putting you in the same category. This is what I get for rushing around and trying to accomplish my internetting in too short a time span.


Sweeping generalizations? I believe my comments were quite personal and therefore very specific!


My, my, my to Steve, Beth, and L. Such simmering anger, such bold rhetoric, such - grandstanding. Would each of you like a broom to go with your sweeping generalizations?


Beth, that is very true. Also, I truly believe that rape victims who choose to carry resulting pregnancies to term are heroes, and should be recognized as such. However, my own personal experiences with pregnancy/birth have convinced me that no woman should have to endure the whole process against her will, even if it means a baby won`t be born.


I won't pretend to know what it feels like to be a rape victim. I would however like to point out that if you got pregnant as a result of a rape, the "intruder" in your uterus is not your rapist. Your rapist would be somewhere else, no doubt looking for his next victim. Neither of the two victims he left behind would be responsible for his crimes.


Mr. Goodrich, you`re making some pretty major assumptions about a person you don`t even know. You don`t know me, my medical history, or my husband -- who, it should be noted, did not sign up for a lifetime of abstinence when he married me. (And FYI, tubal ligations are not 100% effective, which is why I decided against having one.)

If I were to face an unplanned pregnancy with my husband, I cannot say for sure what I would do (and we are actively taking steps to avoid the situation). However, I can say with certainty that if I were ever sexually assualted and impregnated, I would kill the unwelcome intruder in my uterus, and I oppose all laws that would prevent from doing what I know I would do.


I have to say, that as a woman, I strongly disagree with your post. The only person responsible for the shootings, is the shooter. I realize that life is hard. It's really hard. That being said, no one is ultimately responsible for our actions but ourselves. We can blame things on everyone else because we are uncomfortable with our wrong choices and our unfair hand in life all we want to, but it does not make it their fault.
People who shoot abortion doctors are wrong. They are murderers, no one disagrees with that. But when you point the blame at the pro-life movement as a whole, based on those individuals, you are wrong. I realize that you disagree with where they are coming from, and you have every right to disagree. But you do not have the right to place the blame for any crime, on anyone except the person who committed it.

As you know, there's a lot of talk about women's rights, and abortion rights and so on. As a woman, this is what I fear: not teaching our fellow women and daughters to be responsible. Why are we continuing to teach girls that they have to have sex to be loved? Why do we teach them that there should never be negative consequences for our actions? You can argue all you want to, but when birth control is used CORRECTLY, many forms are over 99% effective. Why aren't we teaching girls to respect their own bodies enough not to let other people use them as a dumping ground. How about we respect ourselves enough not to have to put ourselves in that kind of situation, or to have to make that difficult choice to begin with? I also know that statistically speaking, pregnancy as the result of a rape, is 5%. You cannot use the rape argument as a rule, when it is the exception.

It is my personal opinion that abortion is NOT a women's rights issue, it's a HUMAN rights issue. It does not just affect women, it affects both the male and female children who are aborted.

Steven Goodrich

I know that this might sound ridiculous to you, but if you don't want to have a child abstain from the activity that causes it happen. If I don't want to get burned by a fire, I abstain from putting my hand in the fire, or you might want to look into this stuff called birth control. You could even have a tubal ligation. It is just as evasive as an abortion, and they are reversible. I know that they are not 100% reversible, but who knows if you have an abortion you might regret it later just like numerous women have. If the US outlawed all abortions, they would not have done anything to restrict how you use your uterus. They have, however, done something that prevents you from killing another person because of a poor choice you made. Going back to the fire analogy, if I put my hand into the fire and get burned, I don't get to kill the person that lit the fire. On what do you base your personal moral views? Is it what is most convenient for you?


Mr. Goodrich, with all due respect for the accomplishments of the founding fathers, I consider my true home to be outside the United States, and therefore I don`t base my personal moral views on U.S. historical documents (all of which I`ve read, by the way).

To paraphrase your words: my uterus is a gift that the government has no authority to take from me and force me to gestate an unwanted life inside it.

Steven Goodrich

To L.,

That is a false dichotomy. Life is both a right and a gift. Life is a right; this is why it is a crime to murder someone. Life is a gift because it something that like you said "we didn't choose it." Let's face it we treat horrendous wedding gifts better than these children. I guess you could say this about all of our rights. They are gifts that the government has no authority to take from us. Lastly, you need to read the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and any of the founding fathers. Maybe then you would come to understand that life is a right that even the unborn have.

Jess @ Making Home

I cannot BELIEVE that you would try to peg something this horrible on people who speak up in an effort to save babies' lives. It is absurd to say that religious people do not condemn killing, whether of an abortionist or a Virginia Tech student, or yes, a helpless baby who has not yet made its grand entrance into this world.

I cannot BELIEVE that an abortion "provider" can write that her first thought is for the safety of her own children, when hundreds (maybe thousands) of other children have been killed by her own hands.

I cannot BELIEVE the self-deception that has to take place in order for someone to even write this kind of nonsensical blame game that attempts to put the responsibility for this anywhere but where it rightfully belongs: on the shoulders of a sick young man who committed a tragic and horrible crime.

It is horrible that you are trying to profit (ideologically, if not financially) off of such a tragedy. You should be ashamed.


Mr. Goodrich -- you don`t speak for everyone. You don`t speak for me. Some women are wealthy, educated and informed, and we still want to be able to have abortions in certain circumstances.

Unborn "victims" of abortion have no right to live. There is no absolute right to life. Did anyone of us choose to be born? We are all here as a result of choices made by those who came before us -- in fact, I believe my mother had a right to abort me, and probably should have, because I posed a real risk to her health.

Life is a gift, not a right.

Steven Goodrich

To Liese et all,

What do you say to all of those mothers who later regretted having an abortion? What do say to those women who were pressured into having an abortion by their boyfriends, friends, or family members? What about those who went into a planned parenthood facility to get information and were scared into having an abortion? What would you say to the millions of little girls who were slaughtered because having a child would have been inconvenient for their mothers? Speaking of rights, what about the victims of abortions right to live?

While "the amount of fiber in my diet" is not important, I am sure that the fact that I am a man is. Here is a quote for Cecilia Vos Koch, a feminist and outspoken critic of abortion:

"Abortion is the destruction of human life and energy that does nothing to eradicate the very real underlying problems of women. The pregnant welfare mother begs for decent housing, a decent job and child-care or respect for her child-nurturing work. Instead, she gets directions to the local abortion clinic and is told to take care of 'her problem.' How convenient. Much less time and trouble than teaching her about authentic reproductive freedom and reproductive responsibility. Much cheaper than attending to her real problems: her poverty, her lack of skills, her illiteracy, her loneliness, her bitterness about her entrapment, her self-contempt, her vulnerability. After the abortion these problems will all be there and another one added besides: her guilt."


Mr. Goodrich could use a little more fiber in his diet, and he would do well not to interfere in the personal medical and reproductive choices of other people. Ah, well.

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