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Sunday, February 18, 2007



By the way, Bon. Did you know today is Appreciation for Abortion Providers Day?


Just read Abortion Under Attack : Women on the challenges facing choice edited by Krista Jacob, and loved your piece. Came here to read more :-). That book is a must read for everyone.

Bluey Zarsoff

Must reads:




Linda Flores


It's not fascinating at all: it's old, disengenous, dishonest, deceptive, and wrong. The ability to remove a bunch of pre-sentient, pre-developed cells from the inside of a uterus does not constitute slavery. However, demanding that women give birth and submit to their bodies' ability to reproduce, at the expense of the woman's own will, desires, individuality, and humanity --
now that seems more akin to slavery.

But arguing with an anti-abortion zealot is almost as bad as arguing with a creationist: doesn't matter what you say, they don't let go of their script, and it's pretty hard to argue with people who have a, how shall we say ... selective relationship with reality.

Ryan Byrd

Abortion: the new Slavery? a fascinating conversation going on over here: http://www.ryanbyrd.net/rambleon/?p=545


Jessica, the same could be said for the opposite choice. Another abuse/rape survivor could very well feel the opposite way you do, and feel that continuing a pregnancy forced upon her is continuing the assault. Either decision is just as valid, simply because it is what each woman decides for herself. I have thankfully never had to choose abortion or not, but have suffered sexual abuse, and know that if I had ever been forced to contemplate it, I would have been hard pressed to know my own mind as easily as you do. I am very glad that you can make that choice so well for yourself! Just keep in mind that your decision is right for you, but may not be right for everyone.


Being a woman who was raped, I just can't imagine justifying making another victim by aborting my own child.

What was only an action in the past (the rape) will keep echoing on (keep hurting me, keep making me feel even more shrouded in guilt and shame) if I am not the one that stops the victimizing. Whereas I was innocent and did not deserve what happened to me, how much more does an innocent child not deserve to be cast away by its mother?

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