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Thursday, July 06, 2006



As one of those mothers who had an abortion after having already had a child, I find Kearney's tone offensive and condescending.

It is not irresponsible for a woman in a long-term, monogamous relationship to engage in protected sexual activity with her partner, and yet, this same woman--even for taking all the available precautions--can still find herself unexpectedly pregnant and unable or unwilling to commit to carrying the pregnancy to term and becoming a mother (in some cases, again).

What is irresponsible is to paint all women who choose to have abortions are uneducated or careless. This is the same attitude that shames women into corners and closets and back alleys. Kearney's statistics may be correct, but I resent her implications.


Over 3,500 terminations per day, 1.3 MILLION per year in the United States alone.
50 or 60 MILLION per year World Wide.

I am a pro-lifer who has no religious convictions at all . I didn't need the fear of god or anything else to come to my decision, just a good sence of what is right and wrong.
You see we were all once a fetus. Is it beyond the realm of possibilities that when your mother first learned she was carrying you, she may have considered her options? What if she had decided to terminate? Would that have been OK?
You would not exist, if you have children they would not exist, and your (husband or wife) would be married to someone else. You would have been deprived of all your experiences and memories. In this day and age with terminations being so readily available and so many being carried out, if you make it to full term
you can consider yourself lucky. Lucky you had a mother that made the choice of life for you. Don't you think they all deserve the same basic human right, LIFE?
I'm all for contraception, prevention is certainly better than termination.
Did you know you can get an implant that is safe, 99.9% effective, and lasts for three years? Just think girls not even a show for three years, wouldn't that be great? I think too many people rely too heavily on the last option (abortion), I think if abortions weren't so readily available people would manage their reproductive system far better resulting in a fraction of the number of unwanted pregnancies.
World wide there are over 50 MILLION aborted pregnancies each year. In America 3,500 terminations carried out every day, that's over 1.3 million every year, 50% of all cases claimed that birth control had been used, 48% admitted they took no precaution, and 2% had a medical reason. That's a stagering 98% that may have been prevented had an effective birth control been used. Don't get me wrong, I suspect the percentages in Australia would be much the same.
Just a lot of unnessessary killing.

At the point of conception is when life began for you. This was the start of your existance. Your own personal big bang. Three weeks after conception heart started to beat. First brain waves recorded at six weeks after conception. Seen sucking thumb at seven weeks after conception.

I am convinced that in the not too distant future, people will look back at many of the practices of today with disbelief and horror.


Marko illuminates it beautifully: anti-choice is about punishing women for sex.


Damn, these skanks will do just about anything to justify their killing unborn children.

Diana S

Amanatha, Right on.


I'm a bit troubled by the assumption that women who have more than one abortion just aren't trying hard enough to prevent pregnancy. Does it not occur to you that perhaps both they and their partners are just very fertile, and since no birth control method is 100% effective, it can be not uncommon for a method to fail more than once in a woman's lifetime?

I actually am not terribly concerned with lowering the number of abortions. I don't see why that is a goal we all must strive for. To say that is to imply women have abortions because they are careless or uncaring. What I *am* interested in is keeping abortion and all forms of contraception legal and easily available to all women and girls who want them.


excellent post!!!! I"m 30, and i still prefer depo provera.......... i'm college educated, a single mom of a 6 year old, and even though i want more children, i couldn't imagine having one right now.
excellent post!

Mom of Three

The decision to have an abortion is as complex as the lives of the women who have them. Though much of human nature is predictable, the millions of variables in each life makes it difficult to shoehorn just who a "typical" abortion-seeker is (as if there were one!).

This, I think, is what has always frustrated me about the "make it illegal" crowd. They want to pretend that either those variables just aren't important (because they say so, and for no other reason) or that they plain old don't exist. Nobody WANTS to have an abortion. Nobody is happy about it. But there must be some people out there who figure that there isn't enough misery in the world!


"we feel we must be a voice for the party who hasn't one."

This is true. A fetus doesn't have a voice, because it's a developing mass of cells completely dependent on a woman's body for its very existence. It doesn't even get vocal cords until after most abortions are performed.

It's also not a "party" for that same reason. It doesn't have interests to be defended, nor can it be a "party" to a dispute or a decision -- it doesn't have its own existence.

When it's born and has an existence separate from that of the woman whose body created it, then it gets to have interests and deserves a voice and an advocate (just like its mother does.) But until then, there's only one "party" in the decision: the woman.


I agree with Dirty and Moiv.

Women pay the price for sex, and here we go again blaming women when they take responsibility for themselves and their families.

I guess the most foolproof way to fight abortion is to promote abstinence inside marriage?

For many women, there is no ideal birth control. Many men refuse condoms, many women have health risks associated with BC pills. But they want to stay married which often requires that they have sex and anyway it can be a pleasureable reward in life.

Melissa Kearny definitely is smug and looks down on women who "got in trouble".

I don't agree that everybody agrees there should be fewer abortions, why doesn't everybody agree that there should be less stem cell research or fertility clinics which also kill embryos? Oh, yeah. Because in those cases there's no sexual woman to blame.

Thank you.


Nice to "see" you again, lou.


Why don't people make more of an effort to marry people they are comfortable and safe with, instead of starting what should be a lifelong committment based on a lie? I could not imagine not telling my husband about something so profound as an abortion. Beyond my scope. Yet people marry others every single day that they are not honest with. No wonder divorce rates are so high! (BTW I have no argument with their decision; just with the lying to their partner part... because NOT TELLING is in fact a lie.)


Well said, moiv.

What caught my eye was this: "Many of these women believe that this is the responsible choice." And this: "Her analysis of the statistics makes Kearney suspect that these women view abortion as a responsible choice, given their circumstances."

These comments sound as if they're asserting that it's actually NOT the responsible choice. But it is! Not trying to raise a child you can't provide for? Very responsible! Putting your living, breathing children and other family members ahead of one which has as of yet no consciousness, awareness, brain function, etc? Sounds like the right choice to me!

But you know what? It doesn't matter what it sounds like to me. What she thinks is all that matters, because it's HER choice. Saying "many of these women believe that this is the responsible choice" seems to say that actually it's not the responsible choice, and obviously WE, the well-educated-all-knowing-elite, know that better than YOU, who actually has to live with the decision. Ugh.


These are women who have already had a child, an abortion or both. That's what Kearney finds frustrating.

"It is hard to understand why these women weren't more responsible in the sense of finding themselves here again," Kearney said.

It is even harder to understand how a woman with a doctorate in economics can be so completely clueless about the forces driving so many low-income women's daily decisions.

When the choice is either spending $35 for the next month's birth control pills or $35 to feed her children today, a woman feeds her children. Sooner or later, as it is bound to do, her luck runs out, and Kearney's barely concealed contempt is nothing compared to how deeply a woman blames herself.

How many times has a woman in a counseling room said, "I shouldn't have let this happen," feeling more angry and guilty about "letting" herself become pregnant than about having the abortion?

This meme has been a perennial winner ever since Eve, and it never ends.


I really don't have any stereotype in my head about the woman who has an abortion. I feel for them, but thier decision mostly impacts their child, who has no voice and no say.

While we on the pro-life side care very much about the women involved in abortion, whatever their circumstances, we feel we must be a voice for the party who hasn't one.

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