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Wednesday, March 22, 2006


David Cline

Hi. This is David Cline, author of the book Creating Choice mentioned above. I'd love to get in touch with the person who wrote those excellent comments. Thank you!


Please. You are only half right. Abortion is a human rights issue - ie: the right of women - instead of the State - to decide when to bear children.
But the rest of it? Sorry, but non sentinent cells do not have any rights; so all legislative attempts to give "zefs" equal rights would be shot down as unconstitutional by the courts.
Only persons have rights guaranteed by the Constitution, and this documents defines person as "BORN or NATURALIZED". Sorry, but CONCEIVED didn't make the cut.


Abortion is a human rights issue. Human beings (even not-yet-born ones) have a right to live and not be dismembered by Bon and Lou.


I know it has been some time since this was first posted, but there are many books similar to Cline's out there. These include Bonavoglia's The Choices We Made and Maloy and Patterson's Birth or Abortion. It is really important for people, especially those so hateful towards providers and receivers, to see the complex and deeply personal side of abortion. Although it's a bit older, Zimmerman's Passage Through Abortion might also be a good resource.


You are seriously misguided.Abortion is the murder of an unborn child and is actually a violation of womens rights.It enables men to be promiscuous because now that the unborn baby is killed,he escapes having to take any responsibility for the child(child maintenance payments) and has also escaped responsibility and the consequences of destroying the womans life.He is now free to be promiscuous with another woman and another and another....
Being against abortion does not mean I support rape.Womens rights groups should be working hard to ensure that pornography is completely censored and maintain that censorship.Also they should ensure that no girl or woman is left without education so that the girl is not tricked into having sex with her boyfriend or raped.Your group and womens rights groups should be fighting porn and poverty of women instead of abortion.If your group and other womens rights groups did this-then there would be a lot less girls and women having pregnancies which they don't want.
Unwanted prgnancies result from unwanted sex.You should also end all forms of male domination over women in addition to what I alreadty mentioned.If you ended male domination then there would be no unwanted pregnancies.


I really hate how abortion has become a political issue, not a humanitarian or women's rights issue. Do you think Roe vs. Wade would really be overturned? It's too much of a rallying issue for both sides, I think, and neither of them actually want to give it up.

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