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Wednesday, January 04, 2006



Dear blogmasters,

perhaps you could consider closing threads older than a certain time period (Salon and many other online sites do this) so as to discourage spammers? This is really quite frustrating.


nice thanks


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Darn! It's back to business skool for me then...


GalaD, I don't know how many gay couples have to deal with unplanned pregnancies...

Just a question

Slavery was legal and common practice for nearly 200 hundred years prior to the emancipation. It was the basis of an entire regional economic system and definitely the fabric of the lives of thousands. Should it have stayed legal for those reasons...?


I stumbled upon this blog completely by accident. I worked in an abortion clinic for seven years, and count them among the most amazing years of my life. Reading your stories is often like reading my own experiences. Thanks for sharing them with us.


Thank you for telling the stories, and for the way you tell them. It flings open a window of knowledge and understanding that no number of slogans or signs ever could.


Folks are watching things from Canada with a feeling similar to "blue-state insulation" (and the minor extra comfort of an international border). The idea that abortion tourism may become a reality is both scary and absurd.... I think i'll make my million: set up in a border town and offer a package discount on gay marriage and pregnancy termination ...


Thank you for continuing to write.

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