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Wednesday, July 06, 2005



A 15 year old can't get a tooth drilled or a plantars wart removed from her foot w/o parental consent, but an abortion is okay? How interesting...

no teimporta

this is ok


I don't think most kids have parents who say "I'll kill you/throw you out of the house" etc. I think there are a few parents who say such things, but many more who hear it, even though it was never said.

I think most parents want to provide guidance, encouragement, and the benifit of a few more years of wisdom.

As dedicated as I'm sure you are to helping girls make the best choice possible (though I totally disagree with you that that decision is ever abortion) I do not believe for one second that anyone can help my child make a choice for their life better than I can.

I think the way things currently work only encourage the wedge between parents and children. And I think all parents should be concerned about that as well.


As a parent, it is my obligation to give my daughter the guidance that she deserves if she were to become pregnent. A child does not have the maturity to make life decisions. It is no different with marriage. If you want to marry my daughter when she is underage, you will have to come talk to me AND her mother.

Parental consent laws are well established in many instances outside of abortion. Abortionists only object because it cramps their style and infringes onto what they consider "their turf."

Abortionits consider themselves a kind of godlike priesthood who are endowed with the knowledge that enables them to devine life and death.


A child doesn't deserve to die for the crimes of it's father.

What I find terribly frustrating is that girls who have been the victim of abuse by a man older than her, be it her father, step father or some dude who sweet talked her, aren't taken to the police. These men should be arrested for incest or statutory rape. I don't hear Planned Parenthood turning these monsters in. Instead PP deals with the result of the action, not the action itself--that is a travesty.

In addition, has anyone here been to PP's TeenWire? Talk about demoralizing children. It is sick and pathetic. Stop teen pregnancy not by teaching children about condoms, or birth control pills, or masturbation. Stop teen pregnancy by teaching women that their bodies deserve respect. Teach men that their bodies deserve respect as well as their female counterpart. Our bodies are sacred and precious and are not to be used lightly and the life that is created because of that "use" is not to be thrown away.

linda  Shown

What a great example for young people we set by your standards. TEENAGERS: Have sex, get pregnant, kill the baby so YOU have NO consequences. The only one to have consequences is the baby...and a pretty permanent one at that!


You know what? My parents did threaten me. They also provided me with love and guidance. I remained a virgin until I graduated college--and I'm not any saint, believe you me!! My life as a single chick in my 20s would fill several x-rated movies.

I'm fully aware that not all kids had parents like me--I have worked in the system as a legal aid lawyer, child support attorney, guardian ad litem, etc.


You know what? My parents did threaten me. They also provided me with love and guidance. I remained a virgin until I graduated college--and I'm not any saint, believe you me!! My life as a single chick in my 20s would fill several x-rated movies.

I'm fully aware that not all kids had parents like me--I have worked in the system as a legal aid lawyer, child support attorney, guardian ad litem, etc.

Ron Sullivan

I've heard things like that before, usually accompanied by the phrase "hastening the revolution." Make things worse so "the oppressed" will rise up and all that. Except that it doesn't work, does it? A girl who needs to talk to a judge to get permission for an abortion usually doesn't. She's scared already, often just paralyzed by her situation, especially if it's in-family abuse. She doesn't rush off to the prenatal clinic either.

Why yes, I have seen a number of these scared incest victims myself, and that was just working in a neonatal ICU, not any social-help facility for such girls. I could match every anecdote about regret with two or three about relief, or about regret for giving birth, no matter what anyone else might feel.

Not having a parental-consent law doesn't cut out parental involvement. It makes it the pregnant girl's option, and I have to wonder if that's not the problem. Certainly "the consequences of abortion" are overmatched by the consequences, including the physical, of giving birth too young.

Yes _of course_ incest and abuse are unacceptable. How well have courts and judges -- and family fetishists, and religiion, and the lopsided assignment of power and privacy -- done in preventing or stopping it?


If parents are abusive, or if the father is the father of the baby, why should an abortion be done hiding the abuse and allowing it to continue? Seeking a judicial bypass allows authorities to pinpoint such cases and get the child the help she needs. If there is no law, she aborts and remains in a dangerous environment with abuse and incest.

Children aren't legally competant to be making the decision to have sex so how can they be competant to make the decision to kill the child that resulted from the sex they weren't legally able to consent to? If a child is pregnant, it is already a sign that she has been exploited. She was either a victim of statuatory rape or neglectful supervision. Sex is not safe- diseases and pregnancy and many other consequences that children aren't ready for result from it, despite precautions. Children should be protected from it and from the consequences of abortion. That is why child welfare statutes consider a pregnant minor to be child endangerment.

My friend aborted at 15 and regrets it to this day. She didn't tell her parents, not because they were abusive or incestuous, but because she didn't want to get lectured. Should a 15 year-old girl who can't legally DRIVE be able to consent to a surgical procedure (that kills her unborn child)? She can't even get her ears pierced without a permission slip. I don't see the pro-abortion people crusading to strike down age limits on tattooing and body piercing.

The reasons cited against parental consent are problems that need to be addressed, and are NOT fixed by a child aborting a child. Abuse and incest forcing a girl to abort should be unacceptable to both sides of the abortion debate. Abuse and incest should be unacceptable-period- and not an excuse to perpetuate unregulated abortion.


Not having parental consent laws doesn't "cut parents out". Teens who trust their parents can, and will, still involve them. But teens who don't trust their parents, because their parents are abusive, or haven't done the job of educating and supporting them, or because the father or stepfather IS THE FATHER OF THE BABY, can exercise their rights and responsibilities without putting themselves in a physically and emotionally dangerous situation.


Of course all teenagers make mistakes, but they ought to have to deal with the consequenses of those mistakes. Abortion is a quick fix that ends a life. It is not the baby's fault that her parents were irrisponsible. Does she have less of a right to life than anyone else? Abortion is murder: it denies a human being her rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.


Maybe you can give the speech to the parents of girls like Dawn Ravenelle, Erica Richardson, Sandra Kaiser, Sophie McCoy, and Tamia Russell. I'm sure they'll understand that the people who brought their daughters for abortions behind their backs will understand that they meant well. Pretty cold comfort when your child is six feet under.


I absoltely intend to talk to my children. Now, our focus will be on abstinence, because of our religious beliefs. But one can't throw their child into our current sexual culture without some tools for protecting themselves, and the knowledge that their parents are on their side.

That said, when my teen choosed to engage in risky behaviour, they also have to deal with the consequences. It is not my job to protect them from the consequences, but to help them through.

For me, the law is a way to make sure that my child doesn't follow up one bad decision with another. Especially not without the experience, love, wisdom, and guidance of her parents.

I understand that not all girls have that kind of situation. But I think cutting parents out all together would be equally bad for many many teens.


I agree.

In an ideal world, all parents would be realistic and open about uncomfortable issues and teens in return would be honest with their parents about what they are doing. However, that is so far from the reality for most teens, even if they have good parents.

I consider my mom to have been a great parent growing up. She was very liberal and open about every topic, until I became a teenager. Then she clammed up and said the exact things you mentioned, "I will throw you out, I will not raise your child for you". I was the good student type and I know that I would have never told my mom I was pregnant, until it became obvious. Fortunately, I never became pregnant as a minor, but I was also never on birth control, so I consider myself lucky.

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