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Tuesday, May 24, 2005



Notice that most, if not all, of our news junkies and political talk show hosts are conservative pundits who really don't have any manners or say anything that makes much sense? Propaganda left and rights...just great...


I am so happy that you feel this way. I thought I was all alone. I am a 14 year old girl in a program for Planned Parenthood called Peer Educators. I'm not sure if you're familiar with it. Recently, my grandmother that I was living with discovered that I was volunteering my time to tell my peers about condoms and birth control and STDs under the Planned Parenthood name, and she kicked me out of her house. She said Planned Parenthood performed abortions, and I must not be a Christian if I believed it was right.
This was such a shock for me; I come from a very close family, and right now my parents are having very hard luck-we were staying with them, and because of my volunteer work, we were kicked out on the streets. I'm so happy that there are people out there that believe in people like me-I'm not trying to make abortions happen or not happen, I'm just trying to tell my generation about the bad stuff out there and the way their choices will effect them for the rest of their lives.
You make my heart swell.


Abortions are fun, but they won't save you any money on your car insurance.

Ol Cranky

The rich politicians aren't the ones who'll be burying their children when they die of starvation or some other illness the family cannot afford to treat. Having babies just for the sake of having babies and building up a population (lest those immigrants outnumber us) is a step back to the days when infant mortality rates were high because poverty and disease ran rampant. But then again, the weak and uneducated (which are byproducts of pevrty) are less of a threat to the powers than be, aren't they?


I put a link up to your blog on my own nursing blog at http://mediblogopathy.blogspot.com . Are you nurses? It sounds like it, but I've read a lot and haven't found that answer. You've got a great blog going here. -HK


Glad to see that Billy, who will never become pregnant nor have to make tough decisions about his own pregnancy, puts my reproductive health at the top of his list of "important" political issues.

Keep up the great work with this blog. I'm a huge fan and a regular reader. I think you're all amazing.


What I thought was weird about Chris Matthews is that if you watched the 7pm EST show before watching his 9pm EST Special last night, he seemed to have changed his mind quite a bit in 2 hours - for one thing he was much calmer in the first show and willing to listen to different opinions and admit the Democrats had other problems with the judges, for example - Owens' opinion that the New Deal is unconstitutional. The second show he was yelling and interupting and only letting people speak who were parroting back what he said. So I think ratings is a reasonable reason for that mess of a 9pm show - I guess people like the yelling.


Um...I think abortion is the single most important issue. And I believe that the filibuster and judicial nominations have everything to do with abortions. Everything.

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