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Wednesday, May 18, 2005



Do you know of any place to find personal stories of teens who did get a judicial bypass?


I'd also like to point out, for all you birth control advocates, that it's not exactly risk-free. Nobody told me that being on the pill for a little less than a year meant that four years later I still wouldn't able to get pregnant. And from what my obgyn says, it's not that uncommon. The pill can seriously disrupt your cervical mucus long after you stop taking it and are ovulating again. No mucus, no baby.

I was in high school, dating a guy a couple of years older than me, and not sexually active, but at a regular check-up the nurse convinced me that I should go on the pill "just in case". She didn't believe my embarrassed denials and I didn't want to keep arguing that I'd never have sex (it was getting depressing). My parents never knew. I was a straight-A student, too (graduated valedictorian), not that it mattered.

From my experience, stressing BC as such a great alternative to abstinence can actually pressure kids to do things they might otherwise not (afterall, I was on the pill, right? Shouldn't I use it?). And how many kids really know what they're getting into?


I think I love you. Dictating your teen's lives won't make them not have sex. Personally, I believe that there should be more talk of contraception also when you talk about abstinence.

Here's something no parent likes to hear: Your kids aren't perfect, and it is VERY likely that they will have sex before they're married. Why not encourage safe sex to prevent abortions.

And girls aren't as innocent as you may think. I'm 14 currently, I'm about to be 15, and most of my sexually active friends were not "taken advantage of" by older boys. A couple of them actually did some advantage taking themselves. Kids aren't as stupid as you think, and we, yes we definately don't need mothers going around taking off the doors to our bedrooms.

My mom and I are very vocal about what we think and feel, and let me tell you, she's doing a great job. She hasn't SHOVED abstinence down my throat, and yet I've remained a virgin...hm, wonder why?

In ending, kids aren't perfect, most of them will have sex, and why should the girls suffer for it? BC, BC, BC! and condoms.

And if your daughter really is so afraid of you that she is getting birth control behind your back, that's the biggest problem you have to deal with right now.
I'm fortunate to be so very close with my mother that I would never have that problem. When I'm ready to have sex, she'll be the first to know.
Chew on that for a while.
-Sara :0


Funny, When I was a 14 year old girl my mom did the same things, taking the door off, demanding to be all up in it, my life. Guess what? She still wasn't and I was a worse kid for it.

That has nothing to do with the post about Congress passing a bill that is inflexible and has nothing to do with actual girl's lives.

If you want to know what's up in your daughter's or son's life then you have to learn to be a good parent, not expect it to be legislated. Abortion rights are based on a person's privacy to their own body. Not whether abortion is good or bad.

So your feeling is that as long as your kid is being paid for by you, well, then you own whatever it is they do? They have no rights to privacy of any kind? How about respect? Don't the two go hand in hand?

Personally I say you're just pissed off about what happened to you, what ever that is, cause nobody said nuthing about any other's parents DRAGGING anyone to a clinic.


Actually no it says spelling. I just have a goofy key board. I have to write stuff then go back and backspace extra or out of place letters. Ive dusted the darn thing but I think Im going to need a new one... I always have stuff I overlook in the extra letter removal process.


"If I could put these in bumper stickers it would go well with "MY HOMESCHOOL KIDS BEAT YOUR PREPSCHOOL KID in the speeling bee"."

Wow. Does it really say that? Because that's hilarious.


"You dont want anyone in your fu**ing around in your buisness but your more than willing to get all up in mine and my families."

Exuse the conjoined sentence it should have read:

"You dont want anyone fu**ing around in your buisness but your more than willing to get all up in mine and my families."

And yes that is my real email.


Ya know Rachel maybe we dont want the doc slipping our daughters BC behined our backs either. I do not believe a 14 yo has the right to privacy. I dont think they have a "right" to be dragged off to a clinic by the boys mom without me even knowing my girls are pregnant nor do they have the right to get a persription for birth control and use my money to pay the copay. If girls really have a right to privacy what are they gonne do about me taking my daughters door off her room cause she keeps closing it. Does she also have a right to have boys in her room without me being able to say anything.. Its this simple If she gets birth control and goes into anaphylactic shock Im the one who has to pay for her emergency treatments. If she gets an abortion and they rip her intestines I am the one who has to empty her colostomy and pay all her sugery bills. You want an opinion into my household step up to the plate and pay some damn bills or shut the hell up. Hows that for ya. When you are paying my daughters way through life then you can have an opinion about my life.

How is it that you prochoicers are all " get your rosarys out of our ovaries" and "my body my choice" But somehow think you can get all up in my house my vagina my daughters(as in 2) vaginas and my husbands pay check. You dont want anyone in your fu**ing around in your buisness but your more than willing to get all up in mine and my families. Ohh BTW I have 5 kids. The comments I get about BC and abortion while walking through the mall from you people are the reason I say you get into my vagina. And my uterus... All about choice till you busy bodies get involved in someone elses life then all the sudden force is acceptable. And if you dont think telling a girl she cant ruin your sons life and dragging her off for an abortion isnt force then your just being foolish. MAybe just maybe I dont want your freaky village around my kids. Maybe just maybe since I birthed these children its my job to take care of them and to be sure noone is abusing them sexually. And if you dont think a 16yo boy can abuse a 14yo girl sexually you are mistaken. I was 14 and a smart one at that. Im talking top of the class nothing under a 98 would do and most of my grades were between 105 and 130. Couldnt even be reflected on my report card. I knew what was up in life and I had street smarts to match my book smarts. Even I froze up and did what adults told me to do. This is about protecting my babies.

How about a new slogan(you guys seem good at those).. How about "keep your hands off my products of conception". Or "My uterus my fetus my kids=none of your damn buisness". Or my favorite "Pro-MOM PRO-KIDS ANTI-INTERFERENCE". If I could put these in bumper stickers it would go well with "MY HOMESCHOOL KIDS BEAT YOUR PREPSCHOOL KID in the speeling bee".

I have to ask though.. Why is it that you get all up in my buisness when you dont know me or my kids. Are you that fu**ing telepathic that you know whats best for kids you will never meet much less pay for? Should we call patrick stewart and tell him you'll be replacing him as Prof X? And that you can do it for real. I mean really.


You know, in most states children over age 14 have protection under confidentiality laws with their doctors and can be legally responsible for their own medical care. Why should/would this be different with abortions? A 14 year old could get birth control without parental consent.

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