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Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Richard Less

I have one thing to say. I completely agree. Television censorship sucks major hiney. And when I say hiney, I mean big, hairy biker hiney.


This week on Jack & Bobby on the WB they had an abortion storyline. I thought they handled it well enough for an hour long drama. No one looked like a 'bad' guy except for the girl's holy roller dad.
This may not be the best place to put this story but I have to tell it and this seems like the right place.
A student of mine, J., just lost her granddaughter, Mary. J's daughter Casey decided to leave her mother's house because she was working, off assistance, and things seemed to be going well for her. Casey and Mary moved in with her boyfriend of two years. Casey came home from work one night and found her 2 year old daughter dead in her bed. The boyfriend had killed Mary either accidently or from abuse. Her face and body were horribly bruised. She had a severe blunt headtrama.
He is pleading guilty and in jail unable to get bond. Casey was pregnant with the boyfriend's child and decided to go to a different state and wait 24 hours to obtain a 1st trimester abortion under these horrible circumstances.
J. told me she was shocked by the protesters outside of the clinic. She couldn't believe that it was worse than what she had seen on television. She was also surprised by the caring supportive staff of the clinic. She told me that she wasn't expecting the thoughtful care that they were given.
We need more accurate portrayals of abortion experiences but I think this is tough because as this blog shows each case is different.
Thank you for sharing these experiences.


You are absolutely right... anti-choice people in this country want us to believe that the women having abortions are abominable, dislikable people who make the decision to have an abortion as if they're deciding what to order off a menu. These people are so vocal, they surely would have barraged the networks with hate mail if a character was shown any other way than the stereotype they want us to believe. It is sad that we are kowtowing to them... even at the expense of showing the truth.


Yep, both Degrassi High and Degrassi: The next generation have had abortion stories and both were edited for the US showings. I got to see the original Degrassi High episode unedited on Showtime back in the early 90s. As for the new generation episode, I had to download it as the channel that carries it refuses to show it. Yet they showed the school shooting episode. And they're gonna show the one about STDs too (though I'm sure they'll edit that as well). Go figure.

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