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Saturday, February 19, 2005



Ol Cranky:

Thank you. I hadn't considered that possibility before. As we polarize, it's often difficult to remember that there may be those on the other side of the debate from us who are doing G-d's work.

Ol Cranky


You make a great assumption yourself in claiming to have a better understanding of G-d's plans. Ever hear the phrase G-d works in mysterious ways"? He does not always work in a clear and straight forward way. If you believe He is omniscient and that He does not make mistakes, He was aware of what the pregnancy would do to her and what the thought process of her decision would be. He may have had a different purpose in mind to result from the pregnancy (and dare I say, the abortion) than having a baby.


I just had to write and say that I am so saddened by this case. As much as this woman wanted to believe that God would approve of her abortion- I think she will learn differently when she meets Him someday. The Lord is soverign, and sometimes He allows things in our life to happen that are different than we would like or plan because He has plans for us. His plans are to prosper us and not to harm us (as declared by Jeremiah 29:11), and if this woman trusted Him- she would know that His plans are much better than ours! I am broken-hearted for this woman, and even more for the precious baby whose life was taken away by her choice.


She couldn't get insurance to pay for her tubal litigation? And her disability gets worse with EVERY pregnancy?

I knew our health care system was bad. I just didn't know how bad.


For the record, were she Jewish any rabbi would support her. Judaism priorities the welfare of the mother and any children already living. They would regard hers as a godly choice.


I really enjoyed this post. So often the issue of abortion is presented in black and white terms, and responding with "you have to be in their shoes" can sound like such a cliche. Perhaps if more dialogue like this were available attitudes could start to change.

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