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Monday, January 10, 2005



II think that just because the father referred to his children not by name, he should be devoid of the children.
What the judgement has done is made the surrogacy contract invalid, it looks.
What this post ofcource do not mention is , is this a way to extract money from men without giving them child. Ofcource such posts by feminazi influenced men and women are one sided and delibrately hide facts. Is surogate mother geting child support, will she return all the money spend by the father. Even if all this is done ( which is unlikely) it is immoral and inhuman to keep the children away from father and give to surrogate mother. If she wants children she should plan from start.

That it is good for children or bad for children is also debatable at best.
How much difficult decision it would have been to be forced to do child by surrogacy, is ofcource not mentioned by press etc. as father and men is not considered a fuman being by society. Surrogacy is the last resot by men to escape torture and false cases by wifes due to barbaric one sided unequal laws.

We have to understand that most judges are overly favourable to women due to false feminist propaganda machine in press , laws etc, so his judgement that children should be given to surrogate should be challenged.

Anne Basso

You know, these cases always make me wonder. I ALWAYS wanted children, couldn't wait for pregnancy, etc. I worried about what it would be like if I couldn't concieve. I really thought whatever a woman had to do to have babies was absolutely acceptable. As time has gone on and more of these issues come up, I have began to wonder if some infertility treatments are a bit like Frankenstien's Monster. We can do it, but I'm not longer convinced that we should.


I actually follow surrogacy/surrogacy related things very carefully and this case is very VERY fishy. I have very mixed feelings on the outcome of the case honestly. I'm not sure what's best for these poor children.


It makes my heart glad that the judge chose in favor of the children's best interst and gave custody to the surrogate mother.


It makes my head hurt to continue to follow judicial appointments in this awful political climate, but cases like these remind me that it really is necessary. We need wise judges like this one all the more as reproductive tech gets more complicated.

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