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Wednesday, November 03, 2004



Boo Freaking Hoo.


I say we start our own guerilla war.

This isn't 1910. We have enough knowledge now, surely, that we can't be pushed back into the backrooms. We know how to cause abortions medically. We have nurses and doctors on our side. We have the queen of all samizdats, the net. The hell with the government and their theocracy. Let's start organizing now.

Ann Rose

The Right Wing’s 20-Year Plan
By AnnRose and Susan Hill
Hot Flash Report – November 4, 2004
http: //www.hotflashreport.com

Military wars are not fought between the Generals. They're fought on the ground. The Christian Right Wing initiated a battle plan over 20 years ago to attain the victory that occurred on Tuesday. This war bubbled up from the small towns of America to Washington and vice-versa.

The surprise of a second term for George W. Bush that many liberals and the elite media are expressing today is disingenuous because they were warned 20 years ago.

20 years ago, the social issue battle was being fought in front of abortion clinics in every city in this country. From 1984 to the present, the battle front was sidewalks in front of abortion clinics. These were the first skirmishes., The Catholic Church and Evangelical movement had decided to draft their soldiers for this cultural war locally and to train them on the abortion issue.

The plan that we saw in these small towns involved not only protests that would become violent and involve killings, but also a methodical and secret plan to start at the bottom of the political ladder with school boards, city councils, etc. in the quest to take over the Congress and the White House

The National media and liberals watched this occurring and came in for the skirmishes but never dug deeper, nor did the Democrats. Just as the protests and attacks against clinics were well organized like a military campaign, so was the ultimate goal. These people were not only militarily brilliant, they were very very patient. They knew it would not happen over night and they recruited young people to carry them through the campaign.

One example of a good soldier is Ralph Reed, who amazingly enough, is now a spokesperson and campaign manager for President Bush. While at school in North Carolina in the early 80's, he was arrested for anti-abortion activity in front of an abortion clinic in Raleigh. That was his first assignment. We have continually tried to tell the press about the beginnings of his political activity to no avail. Even with mug shot evidence, the national media was never interested in his roots. The plan was succeeding. As the anti-abortion activity ratcheted up, the leaders of it began to be promoted to higher positions.

Bryan Brown, an infamous protester in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, was appointed 2 years ago as assistant to the Governor in Kansas. He had been sued successfully by a clinic in Ft. Wayne 14 years ago and is Federally injoined from coming near that clinic, but yet the media was never interested in his background and subsequent rise. After his successes in protests in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, and Wichita, Kansas, he was "promoted" or "rewarded" by going to Pat Robertson's law school to hone his skills. These things were not coincidental.

The two twin Schenk brothers are former Buffalo Pentacostol Born Again Jews for Jesus that were run out of Buffalo after 1992 anti-abortion activities. They were brought up on charges often, and Paul Schenk was sentenced to Federal Prison for lying under oath about their activities and identities. His twin brother Robert moved to Washington DC and is currently the Pentecostol chaplain on Capitol Hill for Attorney General John Ashcroft.

This kind of anti-abortion activity in Buffalo also incited James Kopp to come to Buffalo to eventually murder abortion physician Bart Slepian on October 3, 1998.

Jordan Laurence first appeared on the scene in the mid-80's in a North Dakota abortion clinic case as a young attorney for right wing interests. He went on from that case to reappear 15 years later as one of the lead attorneys for a right wing group defending anti-gay marriage legislation. In between, he was a young attorney working on the anti-sodomy case in Georgia.

In the mid-90's, Michael Farris, another attorney who had worked with Mr. Laurence in the North Dakota case appeared on the ballot in Virginia as a candidate for Lt. Governor.

All of these people had been part of the right wing army on the battle front years ago. The pattern continued to prove that the training ground was anti-abortion zealotry. The committment made by these people then would never change, and the way to become a General was to win your stars in every right wing skirmish in middle America.

They've done it brilliantly. They knew it was gorilla warfare that would take years, and they've succeeded.

We must reiterate. We watched the troops years ago with walkie-talkies and camouflage outfits taking over abortion clinics. At the time, Susan Hill described it in a Federal Court hearing as "looking like young boys playing war". They were young men at the time, but they were not playing. It was for real.

The question of connecting the dots never occurred to Democrats and was "poo-pooed" by the media. It was as if abortion providers were yelling fire but the theater was empty. This is a well constructed campaign that goes on, and unless the left and moderate left recognizes the campaign it's in, it can't win.

People need to be exposed. Their roots have to be investigated. They have to be taken seriously. And just as this country never connected the dots between the international terrorists that relentlessly attack us, they have refused to connect the dots on this systematic, well-planned campaign to take over America and to do it secretly.

There are hundreds of thousands of others that have been involved in these battles over the past 25 years. Abortion providers were in essence the special forces of the left in America. We saw what the enemy was planning. We lived through it and were killed for it. But there were no Generals to report to.

Paramilitary campaigns are never fought in the open. The secret to their success is always secrecy. You must believe us. The end game is danger for this democracy.

Ann Rose and Susan Hill.

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