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Saturday, October 23, 2004



If you'd like to help women, why not volunteer at a pregnancy resource center? Pregnancy Resource Centers are international charitable organizations seeking to alievitate the social and financial pressures which cause a woman to feel abortion is her only option. The objective of pregnancy resource centers is not a political one, but a most practical one: to to ensure that every woman knows that the resources she needs in order to continue her pregnancy are available. These centers offer ultrasound, material and emotional support, and community referrals for assistance(housing/safe shelter, continuing education, substance/alcohol abuse recovery, etc) during pregnancy and beyond. Also many include post-abortion counseling. Most such organizations organizations are not involved in public debate or anti-abortion political activism. Unfortuantly there are those some centers which use unethical tactics, and they are few, the majority have a policy on client care with the highest expectations and welcome feedback from clients. For more information about pregnancy resource centers, go to http://epigee.org/pregnancyhelp/cpc.html

On the other hand, family planning clinics primarily provide medical care(including abortion services), rather than support services. Support services for women carrying to term are usually limited to pre-natal care and referrals out for adoption, and often doesn't include practical needs support. I guess it depends on where you'd the most comfortable and depends of the type of support services you would like to offer women.

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