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Tuesday, October 12, 2004



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I don't recall seeing anyone here saying 'And I dont care that youll say "most woman feel relief'. It seems to me that you're putting words in the opposition's mouth. To me, it's a matter of accepting those who do regret their "choice" in addition to embracing those who celebrate their right to choose.
According to the Alan Guttmacher Institute, over 90% of women have an abortion due to social and financial concerns. Abortion is a reflection that we [as a society] have not met the needs of women facing unplanned pregnancy in terms of emotional support, resources, and viable alternatives. At this point, a woman is forced to choose between pursuing her education/career and sacrificing her preborn child. A woman must go against her maternal instincts in self-preservation. Women deserve better! Let us love them both!

"There is tremendous sadness, loneliness in the cry, A woman's right to choose.' No one wants an abortion as she wants an ice cream cone or a Porsche. She wants an abortion as an animal, caught in a trap, wants to gnaw off its own leg." -- Frederica Mathewes-Green in her essay, 'Beyond "It's a Baby" '

"It is a cruel joke to call this a woman's "choice". We may choose to sacrifice our life and career plans, or choose to undergo humiliating invasive surgery and sacrifice our offspring. How fortunate we are--we have a choice!" -- Frederica Mathewes-Green in her essay, 'The Bitter Price of "Choice" '


"And I dont care that youll say "most woman feel relief"

Well for me it did. I would have been more of a broken shell had I been forced to carry to term and have a child I didn't want. The rights of a fetus do not supercede my own.

For every woman that regrets her abortion there's one that doesn't.

Here ( http://www.prochoiceactionnetwork-canada.org/anti-tales.html ), you might find this interesting. It's a small collections of stories from abortion providers where PRO-LIFERS came in and had abortions.


The tragedy for me is when women speak to me about their abortion in light of reproductive difficulty. One woman, who has always struggled with endometriosis, was having difficulty getting pregnant. She asked me if her inability to get pregnant was some sort of univeral payback for an abortion she had had years ago. I told her that my God doesn't work that way. Another woman told me her story of an abusive marriage. Her husband was beating and kicking her in the stomach to cause a miscarriage. She started spotting. Under advice of the doctor, she chose to terminate the pregnancy. Now, years later, she laments that she was never able to get pregnant and wonders if this was punishment. I told her that God did not work that way.

What has this society done to women? How can we twist this conversation back to an even keel?


I found your website from the mention in "Fighting Forward", and have spent my evening reading story after story. I just want to thank you both for sharing your stories on the web and hopefully enlightening some people as to what really goes on inside an abortion clinic or during the counseling process. Please take care.


Yes, God is loving and forgiving. I believe that. But that doesn't give us the right to kill. And while we can be forgiven, our choices still have consequences. All women and men have the right to choose not to have sex if they're not ready to have a child. But once that choice is made, we do not then have the right to choose to take a life, no matter how inconvenient that life may be to us. Many of those who support abortion "rights" may have good intentions, but that doesn't make the act any less evil.

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