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Thursday, July 22, 2004


Diana S

Cynthia, you mean, as in Barbara Ehrereich's case, that a woman makes a bad choice to "lay" with her husband? If she already is struggling to make ends meet for their children, they should stop having sex?

Cynthia Ortiz

I found it interesting. I do not condone abortions, but I do feel the woman should have a choice. BUT it should not be a method of contraception. It should have its limits...rape, incest, and etc. Because one person laid with another in bad choice should not be a reason. These are lives that we are affecting. People are taking away lives.


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Hmm, I posted a second message earlier, after I realized I replied to an outdated messages, but it's gone. My apology for this, and I still extend my offer and support to anyone coming to here for advice regarding an unplanned pregnancy. I take a pro-woman approach, and I only care about helping you, no judgement and no political motives. My e-mail is provided if you ever need someone to talk to.


First of all, have you confirmed that you have a viable uterine pregnancy? Also, I encourage you to make an informed decision and explore your situation and your options with a counselor. This can be a professional counselor (therapist, school counselor, or social worker) or a peer counselor (mentor or volunteer counselor), but be aware of those who are judgemental or with political afilliations/motives. One place on the internet where you can speak with a non-judgemental peer counselor is at A Choice to Live With. CTLW is not affiliated with any political or religious group and seeks to provide neutral and accurate information, support, advice, and resources as you make a decison that you can live with. The web address is: http://www.choicetolivewith.com. Also, I'm a peer counselor and would be glad to speak with you and help you through this.


Yes, 22 week terminations are possible but expensive and it may be hard to find a clinic in your area that will do one.


hi is 22 week pergnent abortion is posibble tell plz


A reader of my blog brought this article to my attention just yesterday, knowing that I had to terminate a pregnancy at 24 weeks due to the very painful, debilitating, and life-threatening disease we discovered my son had. Here were my comments to her:

"She raises interesting points. I do feel a sense of responsibility to point out to the general public that their preconceived (pun intended) notion of those who have abortions likely doesn't fit the group of women who do.

But I still have trouble with the idea that what we had to do was indistinguishable from a purely elective abortion. I support all women's rights, no matter what their reasoning, and that's why I marched in Washington and why I continue to tell my story to anyone who'll listen.

But in my specific case, we didn't choose to terminate because of convenience or because, as she puts it, we didn't want our son. We
wanted to end his pain and suffering. And that is different.

I am glad, however, that she has the courage to write this article because all of our rights, no matter the particulars, deserve defending."

I marched in the March for Women's Lives with a sign on my back desribing our struggle to save Thomas from his suffering. I marched for all women's rights in a very public and open way. I think the women Ehernreich cites in the previous article are equally brave for coming out. We who face such late term abortions DO face a different stigmatism. People assume we made our choice out of convenience rather than compassion. And while I defend everyone's right's, period, without question, there is no harm in distinguishing between the different circumstances we all face.

Just one more point and I promise to stop monopolizing your blog: I'm not sure that those who haven't been there can make the assertion that others view abortions due to poor fetal prognosis as "good" abortions. I think if you sat on this side of the fence with me for a while you might see things differently.

Thanks for bringing this article up, and keep 'em coming.


I've always loved Barbara Ehrenreich's writing. Read "Nickel and Dimed". I had an abortion when I was 20, and a poor college student. I saw absolutely no other way out of the pickle I was in. My boyfriend at the time was just as destitute as I was. I regretted it almost immediately, even more so after I became a mother. (That's when I really saw what I had destroyed eight years before. I have two children now, a girl 16, and a boy 11) Despite my experience, I still feel that a woman's right to a safe, legal abortion is so very important. There's no way I would ever "judge" another woman for having an abortion, for whatever her reason was. I do feel that some take it for granted, they view it as a medical procedure akin to having a tooth pulled. Like it's nothing, and it's not nothing. It was for me, a life altering experience. I began telling time, indeed dividing my life into the days before the abortion, and the days after it. I feel as Barbara does, some can call me a bad woman because I've had an abortion, but I'm not a bad Mother. I enjoy reading your blog, and please keep doing the work you are doing!

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