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Monday, July 05, 2004



Um Maayan, I did read it. Thanks, so you are from GM possibly, you sound like this one member who likes to be a shit starter, so what's your point? I did read the post. Just because it doesn't violate the doctor-patient privlage, doesn't mean that it might offend the patient since she did not give consent to break up her story and then splatter it on the web.

The blogger never even cared to explain why she deleted my first entry, I still find that to be strange.

Just because one changes names and small details doesn't mean it's still right to do. Perhaps this blog should be private.

I'm finished with reading the comments, I still think it's wrong for a doctor to change the names and still write about patients where ANYONE can read.


Amy, did you READ the previous entry, or not? They protect confidentiality by removing identifying details, thereby discussing the cases in way that does not violate doctor-patient privelege.


SO do you GET CONSENT from your patients or not.

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