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Friday, July 23, 2004



"why is it pro-woman to help women do something they don't want to do?"

Because it's their choice to do it. If they say "yes I want the abortion" and go through with it, they've made a choice. MANY women want to continue their pregnancy but know that it's not in their and/or their family/existing childrens best interest to do. Most people don't ever WANT to have an abortion but it's a choice they make. It's not anyone's job to talk them out of it.


Just wondering -- why is it pro-woman to help women do something they don't want to do? Wouldn't it be better to help them resolve the things that are driving them, weeping, to the abortion clinic?


I appreciate this blog: the level of candor and the obvious concern for women faced with difficult decisions...

i am for legal abortion. but among other things. i have difficulty coming to terms with a morality that conflates 'compassion' and 'convenience.'...

to risk a principle here: i do not believe that a woman or man should engage in sexual intercourse unless they are prepared to take responsibility for a pregnancy. which means having a baby. not an abortion.

i know we all care about life: are concerned about children, etc. i am not a christian. i am not a 'conservative.' but i do not see that the left has very much to say about individual responsibility or the impersonal standards that are the very essence of ethical behavior.

open to the dialogue...



I just found your blog and I'm so glad. I have had the idea of volunteering as an abortion counselor in the back of mind for a few years now. I will learn a lot from you.

I am also in the midst of an adoption right now and have been quite disturbed to discover, that women who carry their pregnancies to term and relinquish their newborns for adoption also are maligned and ill-treated quite often by hospital staff who see them as unloving, brutal, "unnatural" women who don't properly love their children. So it looks like women who find themselves pregnant at the wrong time, wrong place or with the wrong "baby" are just reviled no matter what their choices. I have started to think that there should be special wards in hospitals for parties to adoptions--with sub-specialized nurses who are compassionate to all involved.




I was just thinking (again over the article yesterday) how unfair it is to assert that ANYONE faced with whether or not to abort doesn't "want" their child. I imagine, in nearly all cases, were circumstances different they would all gladly take a child home.

I hope that all women faced with this decision can see that everyone's choice is difficult and creating conflict between the "sub-groups", if you will, doesn't help anyone.

That's not to say that there aren't very real differences behind those circumstances, or that those differences aren't important to each of us on an individual level. But I do think the best way to ensure all of us maintain our rights is to band together and tell ALL of our stories with the dignity and honor they deserve.

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