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Monday, June 21, 2004



I'd like to also make it clear that while I do find posting other people's personal stories offensive (if it is without their permission), I am pro-choice and do appreciate your being there as an abortion provider, helping keep choice legal. I think this site is probably well meaning attempt at showing the reality of abortions. In my opinion it would be more powerful if you set up a site where your patients could go to post their stories themselves. Then you could comment on your perspective of the women who chose to share their stories. Your intentions do seem to be good and I commend you for your attempt.


Just to let you know, I praise you as an abortion provior, since that was ereased off my first comment, I want to really say that.

Do you have your patients sign some type of release form for your web site? I'd really like to know, it could help me settle my issues with your site.


I just wanted to speak up and say that I think this journal is great. I'm sure there are a lot of us reading and being silent, so I just wanted to say how much I appreciate that there are people like you, doing the work that you do.


Again, I want to make clear how offensive I find this site. As a woman who values choice, I also highly value privacy. I do not think it is ok to be posting real stories from real women's lives in a forum for the world to see! These women would be mortified to find their personal business spread out for all to see and gawk at.
I understand that you want stories out so women won't be afraid to make a choice that is difficult, but I do not understand your reasoning for breaking the oath of trust between doctor and patient. It makes me sick to think that some poor girl is going to stumble across this site and see her story plastered for all to see. What if someone recognized her from an element of your story? Now everyone knows who she is and what she has done!
Personally, I think it is appalling that you are attempting to make young girls and women believe that it is ok to just terminate a life. There are reasons why an abortion or termination of pregnancy is necessary and there are plenty more reasons why is it just absurd. To promote it on a site using stories of real women who might not want that part of their life revealed is horrifying.
I would appreciate a response to this and the other entries women have posted that feel the same way I do. Thank you!!


"could it be the fact that a woman who has had an abortion is 10 times more likely to kill herself than a mother who chooses life..????"

Did you ever consider the idea that it is people like YOU who judge women and put them down who hurt them the most? Seriously, think about it for a second. Abortions wouldn't be so "traumatic" (as you seem to keep implying) if people like you didn't call the women who had them murderers.

I agree with the two previous comments. These abortion experiences are private and belong only to do those who had them.

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