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Tuesday, May 04, 2004



I have just stumbled onto your website. I was going through some of your past posts and this one really hit me. I had an abortion almost 4 years ago. I came to a similar conclusion when I did decide to go through with it. Believing that the child's soul can come back when I'm ready is the only thing that keeps me sane to this day. I regret my decision on some levels, but on others, I am grateful I ended up doing what I did. Thanks for providing the service you do and for talking with women before they go through with this. No one talked with me. I'll be dropping by again soon.


That first woman could've been me. After a long time of meditation, I came to the same conclusion.


Thank you. Just...thank you.


wow. I can't stop crying. That was beautiful.

I think this illustrates a mother's love. How a mother loves her children before they are even born.


Wow, thank you for sharing that. That was one of the most intense things i've read.


That is beautiful.

You're right - language does comprise a big portion of the way we cope. And adequate language is lacking for this and many other painful situations. I think it evolves over years of dealing and having the courage to talk to others about your emotions - something not too many of us can muster. But if you can find a way to help someone find the right words, it can make all the difference.

ms. frizzle

that was beautiful


a lovely post. i was a patient advocate at a clinic for several years, and came across experiences like that you wrote about time and time again. we don't have the right words for this, but maybe we shouldn't, really. each woman can find her own way through this process, and hopefully some of them are fortuante enough to experience the type of intentional, genuine support that you seem to provide so naturally, like breathing.

thank you so much for the work that you do.


Wow. I'm speechless.

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