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Monday, May 31, 2004



You know I was one of those sexually active teenager who got pregnant. My mother has had several abortions. I wound up in foster care and was there when I became preganant. My foster mother and social worker had me declared mentally incomptent and were going to admit me to a mental hospital then transport me to an abortion facilty(that to this day is without a licence and unregulated) and forcibly abort me.. I am the living example of that slippery slope. Those things that can decided by individuals can be decided for individuals who have other deciding for them. The disdain some have for intrusion onto thier choices directly effects those who are in anothers care. Despite all the talk of freedom and choice some are being refused the same right to choose the opposite. All who demand the right to abortion are demanding, though unintensionally, that people be aborted at the wish of another and not their own.. I wouldn't call any preganant single woman a whore. They are simply, like all others, people who are fallible and can make mistakes. We need to embrace those who are in a hard spot not shuffle them into the chattel line and abort them. Abortion is just more proof of the degredation of the role and value of woman in our society. It is a deafening admission of failure. So back to me.. A woman from PP was at the school not 2 days after the rumor got around that I was indeed pregnant. We spoke she showed me a chart of fetal devlopment that I found out a week later was a set of drawings that were fake. She gave me a form to fill out and have with me when I came to the clinic..A bit presumptuous of her. I told her no thanks. I didnt believe my baby was a wierdly forming "tube", for god sakes I ws feeling flutters already. This is when my foster mother began to try to force me. I got a lawyer with my then boyfriend and the threats turned to using psycology and trying to show that a very abusive man was sexually abusing a retard.. A retard who was in upper math classes an AP english, but a retard none the less. Well I fought with this until I graduated high school and my bo and I ran away to Arkansas and married under a JP with my mothers and fathers signature(but not before my mother tried to get me to have an abortion as well). After all the nonsense about how I was only worried about my precious wittle baby and was ruining my life and how hard first births were I was in labor for 2 hours and pushed twice and birthed a child who did nothing but eat sleep and poo until she started sitting up.. I love that baby. So much I have 4 more.. I have great joy in my life due to that child. My sister, however, who was pregnant at the same time had an abortion. She tries to interject her opinion on how I raise mine and, though I love her, I ignore her. I do know loss though. I miscarried twin girls.. I hear choice and I know what the real choice is.. A bloody mess and a baby or a bloody mess and a deep empty space.. And these are facts about me. Logic however depends on the workings of each individual mind.


Thank you so much for this site. I've been having some arguments with some pretty asinine "prolifers" online. They claim they want to debate the issue, but spend their time climbing slippery slopes, tossing out red herrings, making murder accusations, and condemning any sexually active unmarried woman as a slut.

I'm so tired of everyone trying to shift the issue. They want to argue morality, but you can't legislate morality. The arguments must be based on fact and logic.

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