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Monday, April 26, 2004



I just found your blog through a chain of others. Thank you for having the courage to tell what it's like to help women through such gut-wrenching decisions.

I was at the march, too, and posted about my experiences on my blog. The plurality was amazing, and moreover, comforting.

A new fan,


call me Pollyanna then too. I always say, imagine if ALL this effort and money spent of BOTH sides of the abortion fight went towards birth control and sex ed!! sure we'd still have abortion but think of the number of pregnancies we'd avoid by being HONEST......ok I could go on and on....preaching to the choir. I'm glad you went to the march and hope we never need to have another one like it (but if we do, I hope I get there!) thanks again for your perspective!


Whi is it that pro-lifers think all pro-choice poeple want everyone to have an abortion? That is so untrue. Pro-choice individuals want to make abortion a choice that is available to everyone, not abort every pregnancy.

I think you are right, pro-lifers need to concentrate on helping the women that make the choice to keep their babies, and pro-choice need to help the women who are not ready to raise a child.

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